New Images & Info of JB New Mall Give S’poreans More Reasons to go JB on 17 Oct

Image: Facebook (Capital City)

Whenever a new mall announces its opening, everyone would go apeshit because there’s really nothing much to do in Singapore except to lepak in a mall.

And when a new mall appears in JB, it gains a lot more traction simply because it gives us one more reason to head north.

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And the latest one that has every Singaporean (and Malaysian) talking about?

Capital City. Or Capital 21. Whatever the name, because we just know it as that new mall.

Capital City, The Mall That’ll Cause Jams in the Causeway

Okay, actually we’re 98% certain it’ll be called Capital City because there has been an update in their Facebook Page.

For a start, this would be how it looks like:

Image: Facebook (Capital City)

Remember we talking about a favourite orange cat? Yah, it turns out that it’s taking a bigger role.

Other than it being featured in their indoor theme park…

Image: Facebook (Capital City)

…there’s even a Garfield restaurant in the mall!

And other than the Instagram-worthy indoor theme park, the mall would also feature many other Instagram-worthy backdrops, like this boat that I bet many would be fighting to take a selfie with…

Image: Facebook (Capital City)

…this area that would be filled with people when it opens…

Image: Facebook (Capital City)

…this windmill-looking thingy that kids would be fascinated with for sure…

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Image: Facebook (Capital City)

…an arcade machine that only people born in the 70s would know about…

Image: Facebook (Capital City)

…and of course, this.

Image: Facebook (Capital City)

If you’ve forgotten, the thematic mall would have different themes in each level, like this American theme…


…this Asia theme…


…and this super IG-worthy Middle East theme


You can “travel around the world” in just one mall.

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It’s Not Just an Instagram-Worthy Mall

Instagram is important, but a mall has got to do its job, right?

And its job is to let you have the best shopping experience. Turns out that Capital City isn’t just another mall: it’ll have a space with bazaar for young entrepreneurs.

This could only mean one thing: it’s going to be an air-conditioned pasar malam.

But that’s not all.

There’s an indoor canal (remember the boat you see earlier) that spans a whopping 1km – the river is known as Venice River. Kind of reminds you of MBS, doesn’t it?

To add on to the experience, there’s even the tallest glass floor in JB, and it’s supposedly scary (though I suggest girls not to wear skirt there).

Here’s the Facebook post that has made everyone go gaga over:

If you can’t read the words, here’s what they’ve written:

The long wait is finally over! Capital City will open its doors to the public this 17th October 2018!

For the first time in Johor Bahru, this family entertainment venue brings to the public many excitement and fun time! You’ll be sure to be amazed at Capital City! Let’s check it out!

😁 Thematic Shopping Mall: Wander in Europe, America, Australia all at once!!!
😁 Velvet Space: The hippest upcoming bazaar for young entrepreneurs!
😁 MCM Cartoon Planet: The biggest indoor theme park for kids! Well, we have a Garfield restaurant at this area too! MCM Studio
😁 MCM London Musical Circus: The first indoor circus bringing you an extraordinary show…
😁 The Tallest Glass Floor in Johor Bahru: Trust us, you will not dare to stand for more than 1 minute here!!!
😁 The longest indoor canal: Spanning almost 1KM, spend your afternoon at Capital City beside our Venice River!
😁 Roman Amphitheater: For all your talk shows, comedies and events. We can fit up to 1,000 people here!!!

There are so many reasons to smile at Capital City!

Well, I’ve got to agree. And yes, for the last time, let’s put an end to this: It’s called Capital City. Not Capital 21.

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