Study Shows That Half of All S’poreans Sleep Less Than 7 Hours A Night


Last Updated on 2020-12-17 , 6:14 pm

A study by AIA Vitality includes some interesting (or maybe predictable) information on Singaporeans.

51% of Singapore respondents said that they sleep less than seven hours a night, AsiaOne reported.

Don’t be shocked just cause I said it was 51% – the said percentage is of the 1,162 respondents.

So that is about 593 Singaporeans.

The survey also mentioned that Singapore has a culture of working long hours aka OT and to top it off, “a significant portion of employees” reported that they did have enough physical exercise or a balanced diet.

It really looks like we are here for a good time and not a long time.

Having said that, Singaporean respondents reported less stress than their foreign counterparts (Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia).

14.3% find it harder to take a break from work.

How to take a break when we can’t even reach home in time ‘coz of all the MRT breakdowns.

Okay, okay. I am kidding (sort of).

If you think Singaporeans are in a dire situation, well our neighbour is also suffering.

Misery loves company, am I right?

The survey noted that Malaysian employees are overworked and stressed; they work an average of 15 hours more than their contracted hours each week (beating us, Hong Kong and Australia).

It goes without saying that they are at high risk of health problems as well.

The survey mentioned that 84% of employees reported at least one type of musculoskeletal condition while 53% are at risk of mental health issues


Fam, please take care of yourself.

You know what, before that, I think we should take care of ourselves.

For starters, clock in at least 7 hours of sleep and try to eat healthily. Though the latter is slightly tougher.

And for those who are trying to catch some z’s during their morning commute, here is a life hack.

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