Rude Man in Texas Chicken Tried to Online Shame Staff But Was Online Shamed Himself

Everyone is stressed out at the moment.

Whether it’s financial difficulties, the closure of bubble tea stores, or having to eat melted Ice Kachang, the Covid-19 pandemic has negatively affected our lives in one way or another.

Some relieve their stress by throwing chairs off of HDB flats and arguing with police officers, while others continue to break the circuit breaker rules.

People tend to take their anger out on others in stressful situations, like this man here who had to wait too long for his fried chicken.

Rude Man in Texas Chicken Tried to Online Shame Staff But Was Online Shamed Himself

A man lost his temper and started shouting at the staff members of a fast-food restaurant because his order was taking too long.

According to Stomp, the incident happened at Texas Chicken restaurant last Friday (17 Apr), at around 7.30pm.

At the start of the video, one staff member can be heard telling the man to stand behind the line marked on the floor for safe distancing.

In response, the man says “You don’t come near me” even though he’s still not standing behind the line.

Image: Giphy

He then starts recording the staff members who are trying to calm him down and asking him to stand behind the line.

The man later says “Carry on talking… I make sure you go Facebook”.

This is a bit like stabbing someone and recording them saying “Ah, carry on crying, I’m going to make sure my friends on Facebook shame you”.

His attempt to shame the staff members failed however, as, unbeknownst to him, he was being recorded by another customer.

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Might Be A Food Delivery Rider

The witness believed the rude man was a food delivery rider based on what he had been carrying.

The man was angry because he had waited a long time for his order, but as the witness pointed out, many others had waited much longer than him.

“The man scolded the staff non-stop when they were just doing their job and were already super stressed out from the incoming flood of orders.

“He is very impatient because he had only waited 20 minutes or so when he lost his temper. There were others who had waited two hours.”

The witness added that he’s a food delivery rider himself and he had been waiting patiently for an hour for his order when the incident occurred

“The staff wanted to call the police as he was making a big ruckus”, the witness said.

“The police were not called but mall security came.

“In the end, the man just walked off while still making noise here and there.”

Be Kind To Others

Many are angry and irritable for one reason or another, but taking it out on others is simply unfair, especially when these people are just trying to do their jobs.

There have been reports of people abusing enforcement officers and safe distancing ambassadors when they were caught flouting safe distancing rules.

At a time when tensions are high, anger, arguments, and abuse will only make amplify the negative effects of confinement and the pandemic.

Empathy can go a long way during this trying time. Try to understand why someone is acting in a certain way before you judge, scold, or abuse them.

Everyone is feeling shitty at the moment, it’s not just you.