Next Month, You Can’t Top Up Your EZ-link Card with a ‘Cashier’ Le


Singapore is gearing itself towards a smart nation what with its self-checkouts at supermarkets, robot cleaners and cashless payment services.

Soon, you won’t be able to top up your EZ-Link card via the passenger service centres at train stations as the government hopes to have a fully cashless public transport system by 2020.


We’re referring to those areas with staff that’ll manually top up your cards while you pass cash to him or her.

This initiative has started since September, with 89 stations discontinuing the service and 24 stations, including Bugis, Raffles Place, Orchard and Somerset will follow suit.

The remaining stations such as Eunos, Tampines and Chinatown will go cashless on 21 March.

So that means, you will only be able to top up via electronic methods—Nets, credit cards and debit cards.

To ease this transition, there will be service agents who will assist you in using the ticketing machines, though I assume that this service is for the senior citizens who are technologically inept.


For those who prefer using cash and talking to a real human, you still can do so at TransitLink ticket offices and convenience stores such as Cheers and 7-11.

But if I were you, I wouldn’t do that since there is a surcharge.

And hopefully, by 2020, there won’t be any floodings or train breakdown. #justsaying

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