Nicole Seah Finally Spoke About DPM Heng’s Move to Contest With Her

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Previously, we said that both the East Coast and West Coast GRC are hot spots to watch this GE2020.

And why the East Coast GRC is exciting is because of the Workers’ Party (WP) Nicole Seah and People’s Action Party (PAP) Heng Swee Keat duking it out in GE2020.

One is Singapore’s likely-to-be-next-PM while Nicole Seah has captured the hearts of many.

When Mr Heng Swee Keat turned up at East Coast GRC nomination on 30 Jun 2020, everyone was shocked.

He has since come out to explain that he didn’t come to East Coast because of Nicole Seah.

Meanwhile, the Workers’ Party East Coast GRC team has kept quiet about his sudden appearance for the past few days and continued campaigning on the ground.

Until now, that is.

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Nicole Seah Finally Spoke About DPM Heng’s Move to Contest With Her

On 3 July, the media caught up with the WP team, including Ms Nicole Seah, to ask their opinion on Mr Heng’s sudden appearance in East Coast GRC.

The WP team said that his appearance has caused an “unfair” dilemma for voters in the East Coast GRC who had to choose between voting in the Workers’ Party or the one most likely to be Singapore’s next prime minister.

However, Ms Seah acknowledged that “it will be a difficult decision” and that “they respect the voters’ decisions”.

Their job, they said, is to stand tall and put up a strong fight.

The WP team also said that voters in East Coast GRC are torn between choosing the governance they want and Singapore’s future.

Another member, Terence Tan, said that PAP has other members capable of carrying on the mantle.

An institution, he pointed out, isn’t built by relying on an individual, nor should it be.


Aware Of What’s Going On In East Coast

The WP team said that their lineup was determined “earlier” and candidates were chosen based on their quality and how active they were.

As for their understanding of East Coast GRC, the WP team said they know of several issues in the area, including old amenities and estates that aren’t as clean as residents like.

Infrastructure improvements can also be made.

If elected, the WP team promise to set up a town council as fast as they can to start solving problems.

As for whether the East Coast GRC WP team would accept an NCMP position if they lose, they said that they might not be able to if the opposition is completely voted out from parliament, or they don’t perform as well as other constituencies.

You can watch Ms Nicole Seah’s response below:


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