No Fear for S’pore Pineapples S’pore Does Not Import Pineapples Found with Cyclamic Acid


The people of sunny Singapore love pineapples in their food.

Hawaiian pizza, Thai pineapple fried rice and sweet and sour pork/chicken/fish.

Something about the crunchiness of the fruit that oozes out a sweet and sour juice is perfect for our palate.


The Pineapple in Question

The Thai pineapple in question is from Thai brand, Dragon King which produces frozen peeled pineapples.

Our supermarkets boast a wide selection of fruits hailing from all over the world, so it would not be a surprise if the pineapple that everyone was so worried about was sold here too.

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When news broke in Taiwan that the Thai Pineapples were found with cyclamic acid, it sent people into a frenzy that they had consumed contaminated food.

Warnings about this pineapple went viral around Singapore. (Did you receive the message?)

What is Cyclamic acid?

So now you may be asking, what is the big deal about this acid?

Cyclamic acid is used in the production of paints and plastics. Sometimes, it is also used as an artificial sweetener. It is said that ingesting this in a significant amount can result in damaging one’s kidney.


I don’t know about you, but I would not like to consume anything that is used to make paint or plastic.

Needless to say, this sweetener is illegal in Singapore. (Thank you SFA for protecting us)

But thank God it’s all #fakenews


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Thankfully, on 28 May, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) released a statement assuring Singaporeans that we do not import the frozen peeled pineapples from Dragon King.

The SFA goes through a very thorough process of inspecting and testing the foods that come into Singapore before they can be sold on the counters.

The SFA goes on to say that they will ‘continue to monitor the safety of important pineapples closely’.

The quick response of SFA to this viral news has been effecting in preventing Singaporeans from going unnecessarily worried.


So if your first love is pineapple, don’t worry; you can still anyhowly eat them.