Everything About No One Gets Out Alive, a New Netflix Original Horror Film


Just finished Squid Game and you’re now feeling really, really empty inside?

Well, this new Netflix original horror film may serve to relieve some of those withdrawal symptoms.

Titled No One Gets Out Alive, it’s a R-rated film that boasts a chilling synopsis:

“An immigrant in search of the American dream who, after being forced to take a room in a boarding house, finds herself in a nightmare she can’t escape.”

Okay, maybe not that chilling, but Squid Game has a boring synopsis and look at its results now.

Everything About No One Gets Out Alive, a New Netflix Original Horror Film

An adaptation of British horror writer Adam Nevill’s book of the same name, No One Gets Out Alive is a gothic chiller that has drawn rapid attention since its recent release.

Its trailer on video-sharing site YouTube has also garnered over 800K views.


Touted to be from the creators of The Ritual, the film has largely attracted mixed reviews. It’s current rated 5.5/10 over on iMDb.

Critics, too, haven’t been very forgiving. Articles have painted the film in a non-scary light, though one did earmark the director as a promising one.

Considering how it’s Montreal-based VFX artist and producer Santiago Menghini’s feature directorial debut, well, it could have been worse.

The plausible reason why everyone’s watching it? People are looking forward to the next Netflix horror hit after Squid Game.

The film, however, does have an interesting premise. Revolving around the character Ambar, the 1:25 long film shows her arrival in Cleverland after being smuggled into the United States, and her subsequent stay in an all-female boarding house.

Contrary to what boarding houses are usually like, this particular one appears to hail from the Conjuring universe. Fraught with apparitions, flickering lights and the usual horror gimmicks, it’s one that I would’ve passed over a billion bucks to stay in.

But not Ambar, because she’s badass. Or at least, that would’ve sounded better. Rather, she appears to be unable to move out due to financial issues. And to make it worse, she gets cheated of her money by a co-worker.

The film has four primary genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery and Thriller.

Starring Marc Menchaca, Cristina Rodlo, Victoria Alcock, David Figlioli and David Barrera, it’s a film that, while borderline satisfactory, would do well to satiate your post Squid Game withdrawal symptoms.

Sure, it may not be anywhere as good or hyped as the Korean hit, but it does offer some classic gimmicks that would do for now.

Just don’t expect it to tickle your critic bones.

You can watch it on Netflix now.

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