Norwegian Man Who Strangled S’porean Woman’s Husband to Death in Phuket is Granted Bail

Phuket is a wonderful place to go on holiday, with its white, sandy beaches and gorgeous coves and bays.

You’ll be able to have a great time as you relax in the calm blue, waters after having stuffed your face with some delicious, quality seafood right.

Unless…your drunk Norwegian next-door neighbour decides to strangle you to death.

That’s exactly what happened to a British man, Amitpal Singh Bajaj, 34, who was on holiday with his Singaporean wife and two-year-old son.

Amitpal Confronted His Neighbour For Being Too Noisy

They were staying at the Centara Grand Resort in Phuket, in a room right next to Norwegian tourist, Roger Bullman, 54.

Bullman was singing on his balcony in the early hours of the morning and Amitpal went to confront him regarding the loud noise, as it was disturbing his family’s sleep.

Bullman was angered by this and went on to kick own the door on the balcony separating the two rooms, before proceeding to fight with Amitpal.

Because of his military background, Bullman gripped the British man in a chokehold and ended up strangling him.

He Did Not Think His Act Would Cause The Victim To Die

Bullman was arrested for manslaughter in the morning at Karon police station.

Image: Tourist Assistant Centre (TAC)

“He confessed and said he did not think his actions would cause the victim to die,” said Karon police major Techin Deethongon in a statement to AFP.

He also said that he was drunk when the incident happened.

Still, that is definitely no excuse for killing someone.

Bullman was granted bail of 400,000 baht (S$18,143) on Sunday (25 August 2019). He faces up to 15 years in jail if convicted.

Amitpal Died While Protecting His Family

“My husband tried to block the man and move me and my son away,” Amitpal’s wife, Bandhna Kaur Bajaj, 34, said in a statement released by Sikh Press Association. “As the man was kicking, punching and just beating him up my husband told me to please leave and save our son.”

She fled the hotel with her son and hid under a tree – where she called the reception for help – before finding out about her husband’s death hours later after he was taken to hospital, where he had passed away from asphyxiation.

“My husband sacrificed his life to save my son’s life and mine. He will always be our hero,” said Bajaj.

The family is struggling to deal with Amitpal’s death.

“Since I came back (from Thailand), every morning I would get startled when it gets noisy outside the house, and my son will grip my hand tighter because we are so afraid that someone will break in and hurt us,” said Ms Bandhna in an interview with TODAYOnline.

Image: Sikh Press Association

Ms Bandhna and the deceased had been sweethearts since they were 18 years old and had just celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary in June.

Our hearts go out to Amitpal’s family, who certainly did not deserve this horrible tragedy.

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