Now, You’ve to Pay More for Parking During Peak Hours at These HDB Carparks


Now, if you’re still irate from the increase in HDB/URA parking fees, here’s one more reason for you to get even angrier.

In an effort to deter drivers from lingering in public car parks that have high demand during certain periods, 22 HDB car parks will increase their prices from 10 cents to 20 cents, depending on the location of the car parks.

To be fair, the reason for the increase is justifiable, from someone who drives: parking at certain areas, especially places with a hawker centre or coffeeshop nearby, is a pain in the butt during certain timings: they’re often full and packed with cars waiting for lots.

Here’s the list for your reference:

This only affects car parks with Electronic Parking System (EPS). According to the HDB website, this is to encourage “higher vehicle turnover so that more motorists can park at these car parks. Season parking holders are unaffected by the peak-hour parking charges.”

But here’s my gold question: why isn’t the open car park beside Clementi MRT Station affected? For all I can remember, there’s always a long queue there regardless of what period.

Now, don’t throw rotten eggs when I say this: HDB, can you also include the one in Clementi?


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