NParks Officers Deployed To Patrol Within Sembawang Hot Spring Park

Something terrible happened at Sembawang Hot Spring Park.

Something so terrible that NParks officers are to be deployed within the Sembawang Hot Spring Park.

Yes, NPark Officers. It’s certainly an exciting career on the career’s page. These people signed up for the job to “reignite this bold, adventurous streak” and “play the leading role in creating a green and vibrant living environment”.

Current NPark Officers describe their job as:

“Every day is an adventure.”

“There’s hardly a dull moment at work. Be it researching on dragonflies or other projects, I am exposed to a good mix of scientific fieldwork and policy-based work every single day.”

“I have had a hand in many meaningful adventures such as the conservation of Chek Jawa, I have also been working on a project to increase the population of the magnificent Oriental Pied Hornbill in Singapore.”

All these career goals align with Npark’s main mission “to create the best living environment through excellent greenery and recreation, in partnership with the community.”

Truly, these people are at the forefront to enrich the natural biodiversity in our city. To engage and inspire local communities through their very actions. To further our competency in landscape and horticulture.

What happened to force officers to move? Did Singapore have their own version of the Australian fires?

I can only say that it’s so bad I cried as I was writing this.

Inappropriate Behaviour At Hotspring

Incidents such as… visitors cooking their eggs at places they shouldn’t near the hot spring and soaking their bodies in a bath meant for feet.

I’m sorry, Nparks. / Image: Meme Guy

But you already knew of the terrible things happening at Sembawang Hot Spring Parks if you read Goody Feed. Yeah, the one that closed in Aug 2018 to undergo a S$4.3 million expansion and reopened with new features, including a legit onsen for your feet only.

Here’s a pic to jolt your memory:

Image: Lianhe Zaobao

NParks had received more feedback of similar inappropriate behaviours.

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Some visitors poured “unwanted” hot spring water on the plants or into the pool. Another recent photo shows a man soaking his entire body in the communal footbath.

Image: Facebook (Ryan Tyras)

Kids also played in the area, causing seating areas to be wet or caused dirt to go into the hot spring because they didn’t wash their feet.

Eggshells could be found at the bottom of the hot spring.

NParks: Please Remain Considerate

Nparks has been cleaning the hot spring more frequently because of higher visitorship.

Still, they remind visitors to observe the following etiquette:

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  • Cook eggs using a provided receptacle at the main water collection point
  • Don’t bath, swim or immerse yourself in the cascading pool for safety and hygiene reasons.
  • Empty unwanted hot spring water into drains. Not the pool – this keeps the pool clean. Not the plants – this kills them.

Let me just hide in the corner while I cry in shame.

Image: Imgflip


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