NSman Claimed He Lost His Job Because of ICT to ST, But MINDEF Replied and Burnt Him


So this guy apparently secured a job overseas, and tried to apply for deferment for his NSmen service. According to him, he had applied multiple times and was rejected repeatedly, for both deferments and exit permits.

He was supposed to have a job in Manila for two years, but his failed attempts at applying for exit permits had caused him to lose the employment offer and contract.

All these sounds like MINDEF had been messing with him, and the bureaucratic red tape stood in his way, causing him to lose some career opportunities.

So he decided to complain to the Straits Times.

Of course, if all this lamentation was true, and Mr. Mervyn Chan, the operationally ready serviceman in question, hadn’t been omitting some pretty important background context, then there really is something wrong with MINDEF.

However, MINDEF was quick to do some internal checks of their own.

According to an official statement by MINDEF, CPL (NS) Mervyn Chan had applied for similar exit permits 3 times in the past, and had all of them approved. Unfortunately, CPL Mervyn had returned to Singapore for longer than was allowed in the terms for the exit permits.

“Job offer” and “career opportunities overseas” indeed, Mr Mervyn. Sentosa and Pulau Ubin still Singapore hor.


That’s not all. CPL Mervyn also had an unresolved disciplinary offence.

Now we know MINDEF considers your past history and behaviour when deciding to approve any deferment or exit permit applications, so please make sure you don’t keep doing any stupid things if you really want MINDEF to be nice to you.

MINDEF can be quite generous and agreeable when it comes to exit permits and deferments, as long as your reasons are legit.

CPL Mervyn, in the wise words of the Internet, please check yourself before you wreck yourself (on national newspaper, in front of the whole country, no less).

Even I’m starting to feel embarrassed for you, bro.

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