NSman Took IPPT for Another NSman & is Jailed for 2 Months


Here’s what we’ve often learned in the army: don’t test the system.

But this guy, a 38-year-old NSman Kho Puay Meng, tested the system and is going to be jailed for two months.

Just some context for people unfamiliar with IPPT: every combat-fit NSman (people who have completed their two-year NS) in the SAF has to take a fitness test, also known as Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT), every year. If he fails, he’ll have to attend 20 sessions of remedial training, conducted after office hours in four camps in Singapore.

In addition, if he passes and excels in the test, he’ll be entitled to a monetary incentive. Currently, the incentive stands at $200, $300 or $500 depending on the NSman’s performance.

So, according to The Straits Times, this happened: Kho was approached by another NSman, Lim Chun Chyi, to take IPPT for another NSman. Lim is like a middleman: he has requested or received 75 such requests from other NSmen.

And so there’s this one “client”, Tan Yi Li, by Lim, who wanted to get Gold for his IPPT. Lim then get Kho to take the IPPT for Tan.

Confused so far? Okay, so basically, Guy A gets Guy B to take IPPT for Guy A, and Guy B gets Guy C to take IPPT for Guy A. Eventually, Guy C gets a Gold award for Guy A.

And like what our CSM always say, never test the system or you’ll get bitten.

Here’s what happened after that: some fitness specialist (for the lao soldiers: they’re now called FS instead of PTI, and they’re from Certis Cisco) from Khatib Camp recognized Lim and found out about the scam. It was then referred to the Military Police and then finally to the Singapore Police Force.

Kho, the “Guy C”, was charged and pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to jail for two months. He is now out on a bail and is pending an appeal for the sentence.

Now, the burning question is this: how about Guy B (who apparently has 75 “clients”!) and that other 75 NSmen? The cases are still pending, but we all know it’s not going to go well.


After all, if you’ve been to any IPPT, there’re countless posters warning NSmen about the consequences of cheating.

Which is why we should all agree for this: failing and going RT is better than cheating and going jail. You can’t play soccer in jail.

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