NTU Researcher Charged With Offering $374 to Have Sex with 12YO Girls & Possessing Child Abuse Materials


Maybe not all of us know what Uni researchers do on a daily basis.

But we definitely know what they don’t do: Go around offering money to 12-year-old girls for sex, and possess child abuse material.

At least, that’s what they shouldn’t be doing.

NTU Researcher Offered Girls Money to Have Sex With Him

Jason Scott Herrin, a 47-year-old American, was charged today (25 January) for, well, everything we said that researchers shouldn’t be doing.

He was accused of one count of possessing numerous photographs and another of videos of child abuse material, as well as two counts of trying to obtain sexual services from a minor via a third party.

Herrin allegedly texted someone on 14 November 2019, asking them to offer 12-year-old girls 4 million rupiah ($374) to have sex with him.

The charge sheets state that a few months later on 18 February 2020, he texted the same person with a different handphone number and asked them to “find a kid” for him “for a high price”, and that he had “the intention of procuring sexual services” from the child.

Apart from the aforementioned charges, Herrin was also separately charged with possession of 31 obscene films in a condominium unit at the Eco Sanctuary condominium located along Chestnut Drive.

Suspension From NTU Campus

According to NTU, Herrin has been suspended and barred from the NTU campus, pending the outcome of court proceedings.

As per NTU’s statement to CNA after the court hearing, its spokesperson mentioned how “all members of the University community are expected to uphold the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct and to abide by the law at all times”.

The spokesperson also said that the University would “undertake internal disciplinary action after sentencing by the court, in accordance with [their] policies and procedures”.

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Herrin’s case is expected to be heard in court on 22 February, and he is currently offered bail of $20,000.

If convicted, Herrin may be fined, face up to two years of jail, or both for each charge of trying to obtain sexual services from a minor through communicating with another person.

If he is found to be guilty of possessing obscene films, he may be fined anywhere from $500 to $20,000, be jailed for six months, or both.

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Featured Image: NTU