Doctor Who’s Accused of Faking Vaccination Status With Iris Koh Placed on Leave by Pharmaceutical Company

Healing the Divide. Anti-vaxxers. Iris Koh.

I’m sure these phrases all ring a bell if you’ve been keeping up with the news over the past few days, and here’s another one that surely will after this (if it hasn’t already):

Jipson Quah.

Yes, the doctor who conspired with Ms Iris Koh to submit falsified vaccination records has been placed on leave by his pharmaceutical company, PPD Global Central Lab.

Ironically or otherwise, the company that owns PPD, Thermo Fisher, provides Singapore with COVID-19 testing kits.

Which really then makes all of us wonder why exactly is Dr Quah is part of the corporation, assuming that Thermo Fisher’s products are to ensure that we all stay healthy and safe.

Prior to this, the four medical clinics that Dr Quah, who is 33 this year, was either licenced to or worked at as a clinical manager were suspended, as mentioned in one of our previous articles here.

Working Together With Iris Koh

While Iris Koh was busy being an “intelligent vaxxer” and spreading her “intelligence” to those around her, Quah, as well as his assistant, Thomas Chua, 40, were busy “healing” the clients that Koh had referred to them.

But maybe they had a different opinion on what healing meant, you know. I’m pretty sure they already have a different definition of “intelligent” from us already.

Of course, we all know that “healing” is a pretty bold statement when you’re talking about COVID-19, but instead of the typical medical support you’d expect a doctor to offer, Quah and Chua worked together to falsify vaccination records, allowing clients to have their vaccination status appear as vaccinated when they had not taken the vaccine.

Oh well. They really do have different definitions of healing from us after all.

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The two men were charged last Friday, 21 January, with abetment by conspiracy to commit cheating, while Koh was charged on Sunday, 23 January, with criminal conspiracy to cheat.

If convicted, each of them may be fined, face up to three years of jail or both.

Well, if it’s of any consolation, at least all of the doctors who are out there working now are actually doing legit healing.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Jipson Quah)