Don’t Say Bojio: Durians from $1.99 at Fairprice Finest Marine Parade Until 22 July


After a wet first of half July, we can finally open our windows to let some fresh air in.

However, the moment you open the windows, you are hit by an unexpected aroma. Such a familiar and unusual aroma that it is almost pungent. It was then you realised it is durian season.

Don’t Say Bojio: Durians from $1.99 at Fairprice Finest Marine Parade Until 22 July

Yes, it is durian season and you know what that means: it’s time to check out some durian deals.

Previously, we have Sheng Shiong and Giant selling durians from S$2 a piece, and this time, their competitor, NTUC Fairprice is here with cheaper durian deals.

Cheaper by how much you ask?

Well, the durians are cheaper by a hefty 1 cent.

That’s right, NTUC Fairprice is selling durians at S$1.99. But, hold your horses for this unimaginable deal is not available at all NTUC FairPrice outlets. In fact, it is only available at FairPrice Finest Marine Parade at 6 Marine Parade Central.

Go East Coast plan!

Image: Facebook (NTUC FairPrice)

These durians will be available from now till 22 July, Thursday or while stocks last.

Do note that the S$1.99 promotion is only applicable to small and “general” durians of an undetermined cultivar.

If you prefer bigger durians, they will be sold at 3 for S$10, S$20, or S$50. Prices vary according to fruit size.

Also, if you’re wondering why durians have such strong smell, wonder no more: watch this video to the end and you’d understand:

There’s an App That Helps You Identify What Durian It Is

With the durian season happening at full bloom, some of us durian newbies have no idea how to identify a durian.

Mao Shang Wang? Red Prawn? Why do all these thorny fruits have such fanciful names?

That’s where the “Musang King App” comes in.


The “Musang King App” operates via artificial intelligence to procure results within the span of mere seconds.

To use it, one simply has to take a photo of a durian. Them, let the A.I. identify the traits and they can receive an accurate depiction within seconds.

Thus far, the durian-dex is capable of recognising six durian varieties: the Musang King (D197), Sultan (D24), Golden Phoenix (D198), Golden Bun (D13), Red Flesh (D101), and Darling (D88).

The app’s recognition library will continue to be updated in due time.

App usage will be free for users, but interested durian sellers would have to pay an insignificant fee to be listed on the app (for exposure).


Read more about this educational app here.

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Featured Image: Facebook (NTUC FairPrice)