NTUC FairPrice Extending $8 Return Voucher Promotion Till 24 Jan

Haven’t redeemed your FairPrice return vouchers or unaware of them?

Here’s great news!

FairPrice Group (FPG) announced on 17 Jan an extension of the return voucher promotion until 24 Jan.

This move aims to allow more individuals to benefit from savings at FairPrice supermarkets.

What Is the Return Voucher?

The return voucher is essentially a cash voucher given when you spend your Community Development Council (CDC) supermarket vouchers.

Image: Fairprice

Launched on 3 Jan, the 2024 CDC Vouchers Scheme is set to benefit 1.27 million Singaporean households, with a total initiative cost of $635 million.

Each Singaporean household is eligible for $500 in vouchers, with half usable at supermarkets like FairPrice, Giant, or Cold Storage, and the other half at participating hawker centres and neighbourhood merchants.

This government initiative supports households in coping with the increased cost of living, especially after the 1% GST rise on 1 Jan.

Image: Facebook (NTUC FairPrice)

FairPrice supports the CDC voucher scheme by offering $8 cash vouchers for every $80 spent on CDC vouchers in a single transaction, equating to a 10% discount.

Spending $240 on CDC vouchers earns you $24 in FairPrice vouchers.

There’s no minimum spend for the FairPrice vouchers, and they can all be used in a single transaction.

The best part? These return vouchers can be used from the following day onwards, expiring on 29 Feb.

On Top of Return Voucher, 1% GST Rise Is Absorbed

In addition to the return voucher, FPG absorbs the 1% GST rise for the first six months of 2024 on 500 essential items.

The selected items are based on customer purchasing habits and include fresh produce, meat, staples, dairy, paper products, detergents, and household cleaners.

This initiative applies to all FairPrice supermarket formats, including online shopping.

The discount scheme extends to monthly price freezes on 50 popular daily essential products and up to 50% off on “Price Drop Buy Now” items, updated weekly and advertised through various channels.

Special discounts continue for Pioneer Generation, Merdeka Generation, and Community Health Assist Scheme Blue members until Dec 2024.

Image: NTUC FairPrice

Seniors aged 60 and above receive a 2% discount on Tuesdays, CHAS Blue cardholders get 3% off on Thursdays, and NTUC Union and Link Members enjoy periodic discounts of 50% on selected items.

Other Participating Supermarket Chains

For other supermarkets participating in the CDC voucher scheme, similar return vouchers or different deals are available.

Participating supermarkets include DFI Retail Group (Cold Storage, CS Fresh, Jason’s Deli), U Stars, and Giant.

DFI Retail Group (Cold Storage, CS Fresh, Jason’s Deli)
Spend: $100 CDC vouchers
Get: $5 cash voucher
Date: 3 to 7 Jan

U Stars
Spend: $60 CDC vouchers / $120 CDC vouchers
Get: $7 return vouchers / $15 return vouchers
Date: 3 to 17 Jan

Spend: $100 CDC vouchers
Get: A 2.5kg bag of price
Date: 3 to 7 Jan

As you can see, most of the promotions are already over.

For FPG, they had to respond to the overwhelming demand of the promotion to be extended. And here we are.

How to Claim Your CDC Vouchers?

To claim your CDC vouchers, visit go.gov.sg/cdcv.

Tap on the “claim” button, log in with your Singpass details, and you’ll receive your CDC Voucher via a link through SMS.

You will receive $250 CDC Vouchers to spend at participating hawker centres and merchants, and $250 CDC Supermarket Vouchers.