NTUC Members to Get 10% Off in All Kopitiam Outlets When You Use the FairPrice App

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In mid-February, the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) announced a number of initiatives such as the “Stretch Your Dollar” programme, where there will be 5% off selected daily essentials every Friday at FairPrice supermarkets, to help cope with the rising costs of living.

It might be a vague memory, but they also promised that there were other plans in the works, except they would be announced once it was substantial and ready to be rolled out.

Well, here’s one of their other plans!

10% Discount for NTUC Members at Kopitiam

If you’re an NTUC member and you use your NTUC FairPrice mobile app to pay for your food and drink, you can except to save up to 10% on your meals at all the Kopitiam outlets island wide.

Why Kopitiam specifically?

Because NTUC acquired the food-centre operator in 2018.

The 10% discount benefit is similar to what Kopitiam card holders currently enjoy, and now it has been extended to the FairPrice app.

When using the FairPrice app, there’s no need to preload it with any currency like Grab or DBS Paylah; users can just link their debit or credit card to the application.

This benefit also extends to NTUC Link members.

To Help Members Cope with Rising Costs of Living

During a media briefing today (29 Apr), NTUC Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng said that this initiative was launched in hope of helping its members cope with the rising costs of living.

He states that he hopes the 10% savings will take some financial burden off its members, not just in supermarkets but in the cooked food sector as well.

After all, even if some of us have taken up culinary endeavours more frequently over the course of the pandemic, it’s undeniable that there are times where take-outs are a godsend at times because of how convenient it is.  

NTUC estimates that this will benefit 2.4 million of its members and reduce inflationary pressures.

A bigger plus point is that it will also drive up the usage of the FairPrice app.

Overall, NTUC reckons that its members will be able to save around S$1 million at the Kopitiam outlets, but its spokesperson didn’t clarify how long it will take to reach that mark.

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The Plan Being Put in Motion

By the end of 2022, NTUC members can expect to save 10% at all stalls in all 45 Kopitiam food courts.


For the 80 Kopitiam coffees shops across the city-state, the 10% discount will only apply to drink kiosks, not the food tall.

Presently, members can start enjoying this benefit at two Kopitiam food courts, namely the Jurong Point & Cantine and Northshore Plaza II branch, which are the first two to begin piloting the initiative.

It will gradually extend to the rest of the outlets.

It should be noted that the Kopitiam and FairPrice member discounts do not stack; you can only use one mode of payment for any transaction.

Future Plans for the Initiative

That’s not all.

Mr Ng mentioned that the 10% discount will eventually be given to the customers in the form of NTUC Linkpoints in the future, a reward in the labour movement’s accrual programme.


These points can be used when shopping at all FairPrice markets.

He elaborated that NTUC’s current “business model” is to help Singapore save more money, while encouraging them to purchase their groceries at FairPrice supermarkets.

However, he did not specify when the plan will come into effect.

All in all, the discount and point accrual system is pretty neat, and appreciated too, even if it’s also an obvious ploy to instil more loyalty in FairPrice members.

Besides that, the move to promote the FairPrice app is part of NTUC’s strategy to modernise themselves and engage more in digital payments and capabilities.


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