There’ll be 5% Off Selected Daily Essentials in All NTUC FairPrice Outlets Every Friday


Let’s be honest.

The entire pandemic situation dragging out for almost three years, the corresponding restrictions that had to be implemented to contain and suppress the infection, has thrown our work, school, and personal lives into disarray.

The economy is regressing and shrinking due to the same restrictions, and yet the cost of living is still increasing like a boat on the rising tide of inflation and shortening supply.

“Stretch Your Dollar” Programme on Fridays

In light of these facts, NTUC FairPrice has decided to launch a holistic programme called “Stretch Your Dollar”, which essentially aims to lower the costs of living through special discounts and holding down the price of necessities for consumers.

Starting from 4 March 2022, NTUC FairPrice will be introducing a 5% discount for 100 key essential items across all its supermarkets.

Key essential items include and do not withstand rice, oil, milk, eggs, vegetables, poultry, sugar, laundry items, so on and so forth.

To those who need their daily fix of caffeine to survive, don’t worry, FairPrice has you covered too!

The “Stretch Your Dollar” Programme complements existing discount schemes that are already existing for the Pioneer Generation, Mederka Generation, Senior Discounts, Blue CHAS Card Holders between Monday to Thursday.

These discounts apply to all FairPrice supermarkets on the following days and rates for the mentioned groups:

  • Monday – 3% discounts for the Pioneer Generation (aged 70 and above in 2019)
  • Tuesday – 2% discounts for Seniors (aged 60 years and above in 2019)
  • Wednesday – 3% discounts for Pioneer and Mederka Generation
  • Thursday – 3% discounts for CHAS Blue Card Holders
  • Friday—5% for the 100 daily essential items only

Besides these discounts, FairPrice would also like to remind its customers that there are other discounts and rebates which still exist.

For instance, there are the “4 Days Special” that have a list of items that will be more than 50% off for over four days in a week.

Image: (For 10 Feb to 16 Feb 2022)

FairPrice housebrand items also tend to be 10 to 15% cheaper than national brands, and there are other promotional schemes too.

Breakfast Savers

As previously mentioned, FairPrice definitely have the caffeine-lovers in mind for the next set of promotions.

For beverages like Kopi-O Siew Dai/Kosong and Teh-O Siew Dai/Kosong—which means coffee and tea without milk and less/no sugar respectively—more than 80 Kopitiams and NTUC Foodfare have pledged to keep the price at 90 cents per cup.

This is 16.08% lower than the current average price of $1.08.

Likewise, for the signature breakfast set of kaya toast, two eggs, tea or coffee, the prices will be as low as $1.80 for Union members and $2.20/$2.50 for Non-Union members until the end of 2022.


This is much lower than the breakfast sets that can range anywhere from $3 to $6 right now.

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Meal Programmes

Similarly, the Rice Garden Programme, an initiative that economises prices of balanced nutritious meals, will be expanding to at least 40 locations from 19 by the end of the year.

The Rice Garden Programme basically subsides one meat and two vegetable dishes plus rice at certain mixed rice stalls to the following prices for the specified groups:

  • $1.50/$1.80 for Comcare Card Holders
  • $2/$2.50 for Pioneer, Merdeka, Senior generations, and NTUC Union members.

 In the second half of 2022, FairPrice also intends to launch a programme that will provide free food to the needy and start a special budget meal initiative at Kopitiams and Foodfares.

More details will be provided at a later date when the plans have become more substantial.


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