NTU’s 15-Year-Old Resident Cat Killed By 3 Stray Dogs; Students Warned

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There is no sufficient evidence to say that what you’re reading now isn’t written by a cat.

Here’s a super-secret behind the scenes gif montage of what happens in the Goody Feed office for all your hourly articles:

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Our animeowlistic nature meant that we can sympawthise with a fellow catkind. And we receive mews of the death of an Unker Robbie who resided in NTU Hall 2.

NTU Cat Management Network (NTUCMN) Warns of Stray Dogs; Brings News of Robbie’s Death

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‼ DOG ATTACK ALERT ‼ We received news this morning that at around 5am, a 7-11 staff witnessed Robbie from Hall 2 being chased by 3 dogs and he tried to chase them away. Unfortunately, Robbie had already been attacked so he passed on soon after the staff brought him over to the 7-11 entrance. PLEASE KEEP A LOOKOUT FOR THE DOGS AND REPORT ANY SIGHTINGS WITH PICTURES AND THE LOCATION TO US IMMEDIATELY! The dogs had not been spotted for quite a long time before this. Our stray dogs patrol team have also been trying to patrol the school twice a day as much as possible, but no sightings were reported. We will continue our talks with the school and other organisations (ALS, SPCA, etc.) to do our best in alleviating the situation. Robbie's obituary will be posted tomorrow. We appreciate your patience and kind understanding during this difficult time.

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On 8 September 2019, NTUCMN posted a warning on stray dogs on Instagram. With the post also came a witness account from a 7-Eleven staff who saw Unker Robbie, a cat from NTU Hall 2, being chased by three dogs.

The staff tried to chase the dogs away but Robbie had already been attacked and passed on soon after.

According to the post, the dogs were not spotted for quite some time before this. Even with stray dog patrols twice a day, there were no sightings of the dogs. NTUCMN is in talks with the school and organisations like ALS and SPCA to control the situation.

Unker Robbie was the beloved mascot of NTUCMN

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Unker Robbie was the mascot of CMN and a fan favourite. As one of our oldest cats, he was here since the inception of CMN, living his whole life from a kitten till today as a campus cat for at least 15 years! He led a carefree life, and could usually be found lazing around Blk 2, basking at the Hall 2 signboard while he waited for his meal. Despite his grumpy face and commanding presence, Robbie was always gentle and patient with everyone, and wouldn’t protest if people tried to pat him. Robbie was often the easiest to find in the Hall 2 cluster, running towards the sound of his name or the familiar shaking of dry food. Well-known for his voracious appetite, he could almost devour one whole can of wet food by himself! Never one to say no to food, the feeders could always count on him to finish any leftovers. Even though he grumbled every time he was made to walk for his food, the temptation was too great for him to resist. He left many of us with happy memories. Just watching our favourite lepak unker relax comfortably and enjoy his food so heartily was enough to help us forget all our stresses and worries. His easy-going and optimistic attitude towards life is an inspiration to us all and we will always remember him. Thank you for all the good times Robbie ❤️ We love you and we hope that you’ll be fed loads up there! Please respect this obituary post made in honour of celebrating Robbie’s life and leave any other comments that are not dedicated to him for later. Thank you.

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Robbie lived on campus for at least 15 years, having been here since NTUCMN started.

He is known affectionately as Unker, and apparently took film studies and thought M Night Shyamalan movies were good but didn’t want to star in them if given a chance because of too many plot twists.

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"Day 3 of unker's captivity. Unker not enjoy this place. Unker was snatched one day by my captor, who happened to be the guy who talk a lot of cock and ask me a lot of questions. Unker no like him anymore, but he bring food. Unker saw another black cat today. That paikia live behind the glass doors. Unker hissed at him and he meowed, pathetic sia. Unker been trapped in small room, small compared to singles housing. But got place to hide and shit, like Hall 2 liddat. Today unker went to the living room, which got books and shiny dot thing and lightbox. Last time we play with more dangerous things, you know, like knife and gun. Unker trying to get out, but unker only know that unker is not in Hall 2 anymore. Unker look down from window, we in very tall place, can see trees. Is Unker in the future? Or maybe unker is in M Night Shyamalan movie. Unker thinks N Night Shyamalan is okay, makes good movie, but unker dowan to star in his movie, got a lot of plot twist. Unker got take film studies, and professor got say that M Night Shyamalan is lousy, but I disagree. Unker even write essay… Never mind. Unker wait by the main door, so can escape when my captor opens the door. Then maybe another plot twist happen. I donno." / Robbie, @ntuhall2 / #catsofinstagram #catsofNTU #catsofsingapore #whatisthetwist

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(See, if there are cats who write articles on the net, then there are sure to be cats who studied other stuff.)

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

Unker Robbie can usually be found lazing around Blk 2, around the Hall 2 signboard, and would run towards the call of his name or the sounds of dry food being shaken.

It is unknown if Robbie had a bottomless stomach or was just a grumpy unker who disliked youngsters wasting food, but he would finish leftovers and would never say no to food.

Unker lepaking and enjoying his free food were what the model cat for lazy Goody Feed writers gave students many fond memories and helped them forget about their stresses and worries with his carefree attitude.

Here’s an introduction slide of Robbie, and the other cats in NTUCMN:

Not The First Cat To Pass Away; Stray Dogs Situation Since April 2019

I’d like to say that the situation has been resolved and this is the only incident, but this isn’t the first time a cat died due to the attack of stray dogs.

NTUCMN has been trying to solve the NTU stray dogs problem for a while now, which is fully explained in a post on their website.

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As stated in our previous post, we will explain what is going on with the stray dogs situation. For the full, detailed report, please refer to the link in our bio. It has taken some time for us to prepare this report so please read this post fully before commenting. **Please refrain from using hateful or abusive language towards us AY 2018/19 has been a very challenging year for CMN. With the 29 new cats on campus who required trapping, neutering, fostering, and either adopting or integrating, the stray dogs situation and the loss of several of our beloved cats, and several campus cats who were very ill, we have been trying to resolve this stray dogs situation to the best of our abilities. Please try to understand that we are a small, fully student-run committee, and that like you, we have our own personal commitments, such as work, internships, and even time allocated for rest this summer break. Continued in Part 2 —

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NTUCMN had tried trapping the dogs, but the main problem was the elusiveness of the dogs and having things like work, school or other commitments.

These are the other cats that have died from stray dog attacks:

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On the morning of 21st July, Mushroom from North Hill was attacked by stray dogs at the bus stop near canteen 11. Unfortunately, she has passed on due to her injuries. We are going to publish our full report on the stray dogs situation tomorrow evening so we seek your patience and understanding. Please respect this obituary post made in honour of celebrating Mushroom’s life and leave any other comments that are not dedicated to her for later. Thank you. Mushroom was a playful kitten who appeared at North Hill earlier this year in February. Despite being a scrawny kitten, she was full of love, seeking out affection (and food). As such, the residents fell for her and she was constantly pampered with many treats. Despite her demure personality, she was a feisty little cat when indoors, with her hall coordinator being at the brunt of her mischief. She loved cuddling up to people and never failed to brighten everyone’s day. Patient and sweet by nature, Mushroom would sometimes wait for her trusty companion, Simba, to finish his meal first. Although she was a slow-eater, she would usually end up devouring every single morsel of food. She also loved to sit on e-scooters and watch the birds that flew by. Albeit short, the time that we managed to share with her was filled with wonderful moments that we will always cherish. Thank you for everything Mushroom and we hope that you were happy while you were with us. You will always have place in our hearts. We love you and miss you very much.

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Hi everyone, it greatly pains us to announce the passing of Chin Chow from Hall 7 on Sunday night. She was attacked by stray dogs and eventually succumbed to her injuries. Chin Chow was a gentle giant who loved belly rubs and playing with lanyards. Be it when the hall residents left their room or when they returned after a long day, she would always be there to greet them with a cute meow. As a companion, Chin Chow was sweet and affectionate, always brightening everyone's day. She will always hold a special place in our hearts, and in the hearts of the Hall 7 residents. Thank you for everything and rest well Chin Chow. We will miss you. We would like to assure everyone that we have been trying to resolve the stray dogs situation and we will be updating on CMN’s efforts thus far so please be patient with us. We love our campus cats as much as you do and are doing our best in overcoming this situation. You can play a part in helping us by showing support over at our e-shop (Link in bio). All funds raised will be directed towards caring for our campus cats and to manage the situation as well. Thank you.

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Hi everyone, it is with much pain and sorrow that we have to announce the loss of Bushy from Hall 2. He was suspected to have been involved in a fight with the stray dogs spotted on campus recently. Bushy was a lively, confident and outgoing kitty who absolutely adored and demanded chin scratches. Since Robbie didn’t really care for the title of the cluster’s alpha male, Bushy tended to intimidate the other hall cats to become the top cat of the cluster. Albeit not the most endearing or friendly little chonk, he would travel alongside his sidekick, Sky. As they took turns to have their meal, Bushy would spectate the basketball players while he waited. He loved to bother Millie and finish her food after scaring her away. Even when he was carried elsewhere, he just raced the feeder back to where they came from. He may have been a bit of a bully, but he touched so many hearts during his time with us. He will be fondly remembered as our chubby, lovable and feisty little warrior. Thank you for everything Bushy. May you run free over the rainbow bridge and say hi to sweet Bobby for us 🌈 Please share your food and we miss the both of you very much ❤️. ***If you see any stray dogs on campus, please contact CMN immediately with a picture of them, their location, and when they were spotted!! Do remain cautious and keep your distance as these dogs may be aggressive, thank you.***

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It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Bobby from Hall 14. He was rushed to the vet after being attacked by stray dogs and passed on this morning due to complications from his injuries. Bobby was a sweet cat that always seemed to bring light to everyone that met him. Unlike most cats, Bobby was patient and good-tempered, tolerating us even when we tried new things on him (e.g. putting him on a leash!). He was very friendly and accepted everyone who approached him, even those who didn’t really like him. An occasional goof, Bobbs was the kind of cat that would come to you if you had food. He would also go missing sometimes, which scared some of our volunteers. Once, he found his way into the foundations of a building at hall 14, which was something he did quite often, except this time he was sick and couldn’t come out. It took us 6 days of searching and another 3 days to try to get him out. We are glad we did as we had the pleasure of his company for another 3 long years. Thank you for everything Bobby. Rest in peace, we will miss you. / #catsofntu #catsofsingapore #catsofinstagram

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What You Can Do To Help

Volunteering for stray dog patrol is currently closed as of writing.

The best way to help this cat writer feel safer NTUCMN is to tell them when you spot stray dogs on campus.

You can do so by:

  1. Taking a photo and DMing them on Facebook or Instagram.
  2. Contact Fault Reporting at 6790 4777
  3. Tail them and update Fault Reporting their location for the trapper to get them

According to the post, the best way is to lure the dogs into a secured and enclosed court, and trapping them until a trapper arrives to get the dogs.

Such courts can be found at Hall 2, Hall 7 and SRC.

Tr- trap them by myself? Isn’t that dangerous?

Potentially. It is unknown how the dogs behave to hoomans. So DO NOT agitate them or get too close.

RIP Unker Robbie, Mushroom the playful, gentle giant Chin Chow, alpha Bushy, and sweet Bobby.

You will be missed.