Cute Wuhan Nurse Hopes To Be Rewarded With A ‘Tall Boyfriend’ After Crisis Has Ended

Amidst the entire COVID-19 commotion, it’s easy to forget that our frontline warriors, the much-loved medical staff personnel who strive to contain the virus at their own risk, are humans too.

Image: ECNS

In spite of being our first line of defence against all pathogens new and old, medical staff personnel are essentially just like us:

They have families, earn a living… and yearn for love too.

Wuhan Nurses Chop Hair
Image: Sinchew

However, while we have all the freedom in the world to pursue sweet, sweet love, medical staff personnel are arguably too wrapped up in the current circumstances to do as they will. And at the rate the Coronavirus outbreak’s spreading its reach…

It’s probably not gonna happen anytime soon.

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Nurse In China Asks For Boyfriend As Reward From Chinese Government After Covid-19 Crisis Ends

Yet, notwithstanding the bleak situation that’s looming over the entire Earth, nurses in China have taken the current plight into their stride…

And used their material needs as a form of determination to get through this crisis.

According to Mothership, medical workers in China have been scribbling inspirational terms and well-wishes on their protective suits in an attempt to motivate each other. And unsurprisingly, an ideal partner’s one of them.

On 25 February, Tian Fangfang wrote an explicit sign that conveys her most earnest desire:

Image: Weibo

Lest you can’t understand Chinese, here’s what the sign reads:

“Hope that my country will assign me a boyfriend when the Covid crisis is over”

Well, considering how the photo’s now widely circulated on the net…

I dare say she wouldn’t lack her fair share of suitors.

According to reports, the 30-year-old nurse, who has been helping out in Wuhan since 10 Feb, initially started it as a joke. A colleague had declared her wish for a boyfriend on her shirt, and Tian reportedly emulated the feat for fun.

Image: Sing Tao Daily

Rough translation:

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“I’m cute, the team owes me a boyfriend!”

But Hold Up, Because There Are Terms & Conditions Involved

This might sound like a fairy tale come true for all the nurse admirers in China, but it seems that this specific Don’t Say BoJio deal comes with its own, for lack of a better-sounding phrase, Terms & Conditions.

For one, the bubbly-looking nurse listed height as a determining factor in her quest for Prince Charming. As she’s 1.69m tall, she hopes that her boyfriend will be taller than her.

No direct relation to her height in the photo, but still. Image: Weibo

And for two, she stated in no uncertain terms that he needs to have a “good character and personality”.


Well, with the sheer plethora of eligible bachelors over in China, I’m sure her quest will not be a hard-pressed one. And considering how she’s the latest social media starlet on the Internet right now…

A 34YO "old-virgin" S'porean was desperately looking for a boyfriend and surprisingly, she really found one online. But the intentions of the man will make you cry. Prepare tissue paper to watch this video based on real events:

All she has to do is pick the best-sounding fish in the ocean, and she’s all set.

Incidentally, here are some things you might want to know about this valiant nurse:

  • She was one of the medical staff dispatched to Wuhan in early Feb, as part of response efforts to contain the situation
  • She chose to go because she’s single
  • By that, she probably means that she does not have as many responsibilities as all the married personnel out there
  • Her family has proved supportive of her endeavour
  • Her priority is to help Wuhan get through this situation, and she’s confident that the crisis will end soon

A confident, fun-loving nurse with the looks to match? What’re you waiting for?


It’s time to hop on the China bandwagon and get a new passport!

But in all seriousness, please do not apply if you’re married.

The Sacrifices Nurses’ve Had To Make

Nurses in China might be fighting for a valiant cause, but the fact remains that they’re on the frontlines in a near-sacrificial state.

  • An ever-decreasing supply of protective equipment that renders nurses vulnerable to the disease
  • Work hours that would’ve immobilised, paralysed and crucified the average salaryman in Singapore
  • Salary rates that hardly put a smile on one’s face
  • Benefits that prove few and far between

And to think that they’re performing their job in a near tireless manner, day in day out, 24 hours around the clock…

Truly, nurses are the heroes we so desperately need…


But do not deserve.


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