Wuhan Nurse Shaves Her Head For Fight Against Wuhan Virus To Prevent Cross-Infection

When epidemics like the Wuhan virus spread all over the world, we are often so concerned about our own safety that we forget those at the frontline who risk their lives to treat the disease.

In China, there have already been 4,000 confirmed cases, and the death toll has risen to 106 at the time of writing.

Even then, these brave men and women turn up to work every day, dedicated to combating this deadly illness.

Wuhan Nurse Shaves Her Head for Fight Against Wuhan Virus As to Prevent Cross-Infection

A 30-year-old nurse working in the Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University shaved her long hair yesterday (27 Jan) to aid her fight against the novel coronavirus.

Shan Xia said that she cut her hair in order to avoid cross-infection and save time when wearing and taking off protective suits.

Image: Chinese Daily (ANN)

One can only admire her decision here. Ordinary people like us, who would have much less exposure to the disease than Shan, tend to focus on our own safety and how we can avoid contracting the disease.

But this nurse chose to shave her head to avoid infecting other patients as well as herself.

Exhaustion Due to Shortages

According to the Washington Post, doctors and nurses in Wuhan are exhausted from the work they have to do due to shortages.

“There are not enough hospitals and not enough beds, not enough doctors and not enough nurses, not enough rubber gloves and not enough face masks,” the report said.

Image: Xinhua News Agency (Xiong Qi)

One particular doctor from Wuhan No. 5 Hospital was heard yelling “I don’t want to do this job any more. Just fire me! Kick me out, send me back home,” into his phone out of frustration and exhaustion, reported Washington Post.

The staff, in Wuhan especially, are experiencing extreme levels of stress. This is why Shan’s move is all the more admirable.


On Monday (27 Jan), the National Health Commission said it has organised teams of 959 medical workers from seven provinces and cities to go to Wuhan to prevent and contain infections.

The teams are from Henan, Jilin, Liaoning, Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, and the municipalities of Tianjin and Chongqing.

It also sent seven steering groups to Beijing, Hebei, Shanghai, Henan, Hunan, Guangdong and Sichuan to supervise the operation of administrative systems, to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The steering groups will focus on checking the work of epidemic monitoring, medical treatment, epidemic prevention and control by communities and grassroots medical institutions, the commission said.

More medical teams are also preparing to go to Wuhan.

Even in Singapore, we should be grateful for the work that our doctors and nurses do to fight this new, scary virus. Just yesterday (27 Jan), the 5th case of the Wuhan virus here was confirmed.

While we should do our part to prevent the spread of the illness, we should also remember that there are men and women out there who voluntarily risk their lives every day to treat this coronavirus, even though 106 people have already died from the disease.

Nurse and doctors like Shan should be applauded for their bravery; the fight against the Wuhan virus would not be possible without them.

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