NUS Anonymous Student Calls Poly Students ‘Useless’, Triggering Both Poly & JC Students


You should know from the headline on where this is going.

Now, before that, here’s a background: NUSWhispers is a Facebook Page + website that allows NUS students to anonymously ask questions or post confessions / rants online. This isn’t something new: most schools have this kind of page, and it’s not limited to Singapore.

With the anonymity, there has been a few “sagas”, like a “gold-digger” who thinks that her boyfriend isn’t rich, only for the boyfriend to read the post and, well, replied accordingly so that it’ll be more exciting.

We’re inclined to think that this is almost like a Logan Paul vs KSI story: they’re all make-believe, just so to entertain us and let us have something to read while on the train back home after a long day.

But regardless of whether it’s real or fake, let’s just say that the posts (at least the viral ones) usually revolve something controversial.

And this is one of them.

JC Student Calls Poly Students “Useless”

The JC vs Poly, as mentioned by this commenter, now belongs to the dinosaur era.


But that doesn’t stop someone from posting this:

If you can’t read, here’s what he or she has written:


any JC students having difficulty in working with poly students? my project group comprises of 2 poly + 2 jc students. The poly students are unresponsive online and they struggle in writing reports. they can only offer to help create graphics, charts and drawings, which are very superficial. The thought process for the project was from us, JC students. When talking about certain concepts, they will use the same excuse, “never learn before”. wtf is that excuse? I mean if you never learn before, pls go Google instead of being useless!


Now, the only reason why this article is written is due to the responses.

Because no one, not even the creators the platform, is on the original poster’s (whom we should call OP) side.

First, the creators of NUSWhisper:

Some wise words:

And most people lean towards this view:


Which, of course, is good to know, because it seems like the OP is the only person in the entire universe who thinks that poly students are useless.

There were even spoofs…

…and a response from a JC kid.


Moral of the story?

It doesn’t matter where you come from. What matters most is where you are now, and where you want to go.

And most importantly, please lah: if want to stir shit, stir some better shit. Not some 2016 shit #justsaying

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