NUS Grad to be Sentenced for Sneaking Into Female Student’s Hostel Room and Stealing Her Sex Toy

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On Tuesday (23 Mar), a man pleaded guilty to three charges of theft, trespass, and sending insulting messages with the intention to cause alarm. 

He had broken into a dorm room at a residence hall and stolen a sex toy

He will return to court in May for sentencing. During sentencing, a fourth charge of criminal trespass will be considered. 

NUS Grad to be Sentenced for Sneaking Into Female Student’s Hostel Room and Stealing Her Sex Toy

Chua Chang Rong, 27, had committed these offences in 2019. He had graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in the previous year. 

He had been working as a product specialist and knew the 22-year-old victim, a student at NUS, through Instagram when he was still a student of the school. 

The woman, who cannot be named due to a court order, did not know Chua, however.

He was attracted to her and began following her public Instagram account. Through her profile, he found out that she was staying at a residence hall in NUS. 

From her posts, he found out that she had been out of the country in early January 2019 and he decided to look for her room in the residence hall. 

Chua knew from personal experience when he was a student of the university that most students did not have the habit of locking their doors and often left their names on their room doors. 

He gained access to the hall by following another student. He then found the victim’s room with her name on the door and entered her room through the unlocked door. 

He proceeded to look through her personal belongings, including her lingerie. He then found a $40 vibrator in her drawer, which made him feel sexually aroused. 

He took the item with him and left the room. 

The victim returned from her travels and could not find her vibrator, but she dismissed it as having merely misplaced the item. 

Chua decided to return the sex toy on 18 July 2019, so he entered the victim’s residence hall for a second time after finding out from her Instagram story that she was at work.

Again, he entered the residence hall by following closely behind another student. 

He then proceeded to look through her personal belongings and found two new sex toys kept in a box. After toying around with them for a while, he took a picture of the items and returned the first vibrator he stole. 


Before leaving the room, he also took a picture of the victim’s résumé

On 22 July 2019, as he was thinking about how he had entered the victim’s room and looked through her personal belongings, Chua felt sexually aroused. 

He then messaged the victim via Telegram. He had used her Instagram handle to locate her on the messaging app. 

In a private chat, he messaged her under the username “Bobby” and did not reveal his phone number to her. 

He told her that he returned her sex toy because he “wanted to surprise” her. He also mentioned that he noticed that she had purchased new sex toys. 

The victim responded by asking who he was, but he refused to reveal his identity and proceeded to ask her if she wanted to be friends with benefits because he already knew her “dirty little secret”. 

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He told her that he was available to “[satisfy]” her and that they could “get to know each other real well”. 

Fearful and alarmed at the idea of the man having entered her room when she was away, the woman did not reply to these messages. 

Later that night, she found her missing vibrator. She took the matter to NUS’ campus security, which uncovered CCTV footage showing a man going into her room. 


She filed a police report and the man was identified by the police. 

Man Diagnosed with Depressed Mood and High Sexual Drive 

The Institute of Mental Health (IMH) had diagnosed Chua with an adjustment disorder with depressed mood and high sexual drive. 

There was also the possibility of Chua having paraphilia, which refers to a sexual interest in unusual objects or situations. 

However, according to Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Li, these conditions would not take away his ability to control his impulses. 

DPP Li asked for at least four weeks’ jail and objected to a request on the part of the defence to call for a report evaluating Chua’s eligibility for a mandatory treatment order.


The judge called for such a report to be made, emphasising that his problems with cognitive control and the ability to control his actions had to be addressed. 

Criminals who have certain mental or psychiatric disorders are given a mandatory treatment order. Their criminal record for the offence will not be documented once they have served the order. 

A private psychiatrist from the defence had presented the diagnosis of a fetishistic disorder. However, according to DPP Li, the current IMH report was not in support of this diagnosis. 

Lawyer Raphael Louis said that Chua was “very ashamed” of his actions and has undergone counselling. He is also taking medication and wrote an apology letter to the victim. 

Chua could face up to three months’ imprisonment or fined up to $1,500 or both for criminal trespass. He could be imprisoned for up to six months or fined up to $5,000 or both for using insulting language with the intention to cause alarm.


NUS Student Jailed for Stealing Women’s Underwear from Hostel Rooms 

In another incident that was reported in January this year, an NUS student who stole the underwear of female residents at the campus hostel was jailed for six weeks.

He faced a three-year suspension for his offence.

He was also forbidden from visiting the university’s campus except to seek treatment at the University Health Centre.

You can read more about the incident here.

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