Some OCBC Cycle 2023 Participants Unhappy That Organiser Reduced Event Distance Due to Bad Weather


Just yesterday (7 May), the OCBC Cycle event returned to its full scale for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, rain caused the Sportive 40km Ride to not just be delayed but also cut short.

By half.

The 40km event, which was supposed to have a flag-off time of 5 am on 7 May, ended up beginning at 5.30 am.

The organisers also decided to cut the Sportive 40km Ride, which took place yesterday (7 May) for the first time in three years, to just 20km.

Cyclists’ Reactions

While some cyclists were accepting of the shorter route, others were left unhappy and dissatisfied with the organisers’ actions.

Gary Gan, a 71-year-old retiree, told Lianhe Zaobao that he had woken up at 1.30 am and cycled 14km in the rain from Tampines to participate in the event.

Hence, Mr Gan, who just finished cycling a whopping 100km for charity earlier this month, expressed his disappointment at the shortened route.

He also told The Straits Times that he had wanted to finish the 40km route to break his own personal best record, but the shorter path meant that he was unable to do so.

Nonetheless, Mr Gan, who has been participating in the OCBC Cycle since 2013, still finished the 20km cycle within an impressive 47 minutes.

He also told Zaobao that despite the lack of a challenge, he was still glad to get the chance to enjoy the scenery on the way.

Another retiree, Mr Ian Leeson, told The Straits Times how he would have had “no problems” cycling the full 40km in the rain but trusted that the organisers made a decision that prioritised the cyclists’ best interests.

On the other hand, Nabil Bin Jasmani, a 29-year-old, revealed to Zaobao and The Straits Times that he has been participating in the OCBC Cycle since 2005.

He used to participate in the cycle with his father, but his father has been unable to cycle since suffering a stroke a few years ago.

Hence, Mr Nabil, who started cycling at the age of four with his parents, took part in this year’s cycle with his friends.

He added that the view of the Singapore Flyer while cycling along the Nicoll Highway was breathtaking.


Other Categories Took Place as Usual

The other categories, such as The Straits Times 20km City Ride, took place as usual.

At 6.30 am on Sunday (7 May), several personnel conducted the flag-off for the cycle, which started at the Singapore Sports Hub.

Those who participated in the flag-off included Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Culture, Community and Youth and Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Social and Family Development Eric Chua, The Straits Times‘ Editor-in-Chief Mr Jaime Ho, Sports Singapore’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Alan Goh and OCBC Group’s CEO Helen Wong.

Ms Wong added that the increase in the number of participants this year resulted in a pleasant experience as it allowed a sense of community to be fostered throughout the ride.

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First Time Returning to Full Scale Since COVID-19 Pandemic

In total, around 7,300 participated in the OCBC Cycle 2023, which was the first time the event took place as a full-scale event since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The two-day cycling event included various races, such as the Speedway Championships, the Mighty Savers Kids & Family Ride and the Indoor Ride by Shimano.

Virtual races of 100km or 500km were also available for registration.

Last year, only 2,000 members of the public were allowed to register for the race due to COVID-19 restrictions.