Guide to How Often to Service Air-Conditioners in S’pore According to Experts


Last Updated on 2021-01-11 , 5:56 pm

An aircon is absolutely essential in a place like Singapore.

Just take a look out of your window (or if you’re outside, even better) and tell me you don’t want this superb looking piece of machinery here to blow that nice, perfectly chilled air on you.

That is until your air conditioner breaks down and your knees are weak, palms are sweaty.

Sweating buckets, you singlehandedly save the world from water scarcity and get a Nobel prize for it.

In the spirit of foresight, I’ve taken the liberty of letting you know exactly when you need to service your aircon, broken down to how often you use it (let’s not lie, most of us use it every night).

You do want to make sure everything’s working when you need it most, right?

1) Hardly Use It

You’re resistant to the heat. You’re the type that bathes in boiling water and scorns at refrigerators. You’re also highly likely to be fire retardant.

In all seriousness, perhaps you want to save electricity and I totally get it.

The minimum recommended for people with this level of usage is an inspection at least once per year.

You might be wondering, if it’s still working and I’m not using it at all, why should I even do it at all?

Aside from ensuring that everything is still in working order, did you know that pests like cockroaches and ants can live in your air conditioner if it unused for too long?

Not a fun time to have when you turn it on, hear scratching noises and a whole horde of nasties come running out.

2) Use it Occasionally When It’s Hot

You’re not fire retardant, but you can take more heat than the average person.

You try your best not to use the aircon until either it gets too hot or you lose your self-control and indulge in a little bit of that cold goodness.

In that case, service your air conditioner every six months.


On top of that, make sure to clean or change your filters as those things collect a whole load of gunk (which blocks airways and can affect the efficiency of the other parts) and can make you wonder why your air conditioner is not doing its only job well.

3) You Use It Religiously (Daily)

This is me. I can’t live without air conditioning in Singapore.

Can’t sleep at night without air conditioning because some nights are just simply unbearable. (Except for that period when Singapore was really cold and nice and just generally pleasant altogether)

So, if you’re like me, have really low heat tolerance and use the aircon almost every night, the minimum period for servicing is once every two to three months.

(Of course, this also includes cleaning up your filters at least once a month!)


These are the bare minimums for getting optimum performance out of your air conditioner.

Of course, conditions can differ depending on the age and current condition of your air conditioner, but if it’s that bad it’s probably best to consult the technician if it’s worth it to continue utilizing the unit or get a new one altogether.

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