Here’s How Often We Should Wash Our Bathroom Doormat (According to Experts)


Last Updated on 2022-07-30 , 4:54 pm

‘Floorcloth’ = floor rug or mats. We call it cloth because some families use ‘cloth’ as ‘rugs’, like mine.

Sometimes, when my mum decides to spring-clean and throw all the rugs into the washing machine, we would go through a ‘rug deficit’. To solve this problem, she will standby some old T-shirts to use as rugs while waiting for the previous batch to dry.

Hence, the birth of ‘floor cloth’.

How often you wash your bathroom mats will depend on how many people there are in your household.

Why? Because that will determine how often the bath mat is used or stepped on.

According to Expert Home Tips, here’s the main problem: bathroom doormats don’t get a proper chance to dry out because they are always ‘in use’. Since they are always damp, it’s the perfect condition for germs and bacteria to thrive.

The experts are recommending families to wash bathroom mats at least once a week, at high temperature.

And since we’re on the topic of home hygiene, don’t keep your towels or hang clothes in the bathroom. Bathrooms often breed mold and mildew and its tough to remove them totally.

Try leaving them in your toilet for a prolonged period of time and you will end up getting an awful smell which can make you sick in the long run.

Let’s not forget bath towels too. Who’s guilty of using bath towels for an entire month (or even more) without washing it even once?

You must be thinking, “Nothing wrong what? I’ve been doing it for years also nothing happen to me.”

Yeah sure, but chew on this. Every time you clean yourself dry, it’s not just water that your bath towel is picking up. There are a million of tiny dead skin cells transferred onto it as well.

So in short, it’s like wiping yesteryear’s dead skin cells on your body and doing it all over again every day.

What’s the point of showering then?

Here’s the solution. Ideally, you should wash your bath towels after every 3 uses at 60°C to keep them as germ-free as possible. If you’re using hand towels, it’s every 2 days.


Let’s not get to bed sheets and pillowcases, shall we?

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