Okay, Now Gucci Has $1,750 Shoes That Look Like Our School Shoes

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I‘m sure you would have seen pictures of the “Ikea” Balenciaga bag, or the Nasi Lemak Bungku clutches from Hermes’ collection.

Somehow, these huge brands love coming up with new collection featuring apparels or accessories that fondly remind us of the past but sell them at an insane cost.

This time round, the high-fashion brand, Gucci, has decided to come out with a new shoe that looks exactly the school shoes we used to wear in the past. Gucci has been known for setting the recent trend of sneakers, and mind you, they look really gorgeous, like the one below:


Just that the new sneakers look way dirtier.

Image: worldofbuzz.com

Yup, that’s the new shoes from Gucci, which also happens to look exactly like these.

Image: AngieYeoh / Shutterstock.com

Do they remind you of the shoes that you used to wear to school?

And, according to Vogue, these dirty sneakers are part of Gucci’s Resort 2018 collection. The shoes aren’t officially launched yet but are expected to be priced between USD$465 to USD$1,250…which means it would cost up to SGD$1,725.

Image: worldofbuzz.com

I mean, also can go BATA and buy, right? Then maybe, after you Buy Already, you can Throw Away (if you get what I mean).

Gone were the days when you have to buy shoe whitening products to polish your school shoes. Now, if your teacher ever starts asking you why you haven’t been washing your school shoes or sneakers, you can go ahead and show them this article. Just say it’s Gucci.

You’re welcome!

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This article was first published on goodyfeed.com

Featured Image: wordofbuzz & AngieYeoh / Shutterstock.com

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