Old Chang Kee’s Salted Egg Mooncake Puff to be Back from 1 Sept 2023

It might be the Hungry Ghost Festival now, but true hungry ghosts are hungry throughout the year.

Even during the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival.

And boy, does Goody Feed have good lobang for you this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Old Chang Kee’s Salted Egg Mooncake Puff to Make a Comeback on 1 September 2023

Thinking about what mooncakes to buy for your mother-in-law this Mid-Autumn Festival?

We’ve got a mouth-watering recommendation for you: the Salted Egg Yam’O mooncake puff from Old Chang Kee.

Image: Old Chang Kee

Trust us; it’s so addicting that the “hungry ghosts” might consider extending their holiday into the eighth lunar month to get a taste of the mooncake puff.

Bonus: It won’t blow a hole in your wallet, either.

Hardcore fans of Old Chang Kee would know that this isn’t the first time the flower-shaped mooncake puffs have made its appearance in Old Chang Kee outlets during the Mid-Autumn Festival period.

And it’s coming back for a good reason—Singaporeans love it, and if you’ve yet to try it, this is your sign to grab one ASAP.

You’ll be able to find the Salted Egg Yam’O in all Old Chang Kee outlets across the island from 1 September 2023 onwards.

“Hey, sorry I can’t make it for the meeting tomorrow; I need to get some Salted Egg Yam’Os…” 

Luscious Yam Filling and Salted Egg Yolk Wrapped in Puff Pastry

But what exactly is in the Salted Egg Yam’O that makes it so addicting?

Don’t worry lah, it’s all above board… The Salted Egg Yolk Yam’O contains salted egg yolk and luscious yam filling that will convert even yam haters to yam lovers.

Image: Old Chang Kee

Of course, these ingredients are wrapped in the signature flower-shaped puff pastry.

The mooncake puff is also stamped with the Chinese word “福”, which means “bliss”.

Wah… Your mother-in-law confirm like. 

You can grab your mooncake puff from any Old Chang Kee outlet for just $3.50 per piece!

Are you gifting the Salted Egg Yam’Os to someone? Why not grab a set of two Yam’Os at $8.80 per set, so it’ll come packaged in a special gift box and paper bag?

Image: Old Chang Kee
Image: Old Chang Kee

Wah… This one auntie killer leh. 

And now, for the introverts who can’t deal with having to leave the house and interact with the Old Chang Kee staff just for a mooncake puff.

Fret not; the mooncake puff is also available on delivery platforms including GrabFood, FoodPanda and Deliveroo from 1-30 September.

Would you prefer to enjoy the mooncake puff over a cup of kopi instead? Well, Old Chang Kee’s got you covered as well.

From 1 September, you can get a Salted Egg Yam’O with a cup of kopi or teh for just $5 nett at any Curry Times outlet.

You can even top up $1 to get kopi peng, teh peng, or milo peng.

Image: Old Chang Kee


There are also catering options if you’re looking to throw a mooncake party of sorts.

You can get your hands on the Salted Egg Yam’Os for $4.50 per piece catered, although this is subject to a minimum order of 50 pieces.

Want to cater in sets of two Yam’Os instead? You can also get that for $8.80 per set catered, subject to a minimum order of 30 sets.

Image: Old Chang Kee

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends to try the Salted Egg Yam’O this weekend!