Singapore’s Spookiest: Inside the Old Changi Hospital Ghost Story


Last Updated on 2023-06-04 , 11:37 am

From Pulau Tekong and St. John’s Island to Bukit Brown Cemetery, there are plenty of places reputed for their supernatural activity in Singapore. Yet, the one that often tops the list of Singapore’s spookiest places is the Old Changi Hospital.

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Unfolding the History of Old Changi Hospital

In the 1940s, this seemingly innocent healthcare facility fell into the hands of Japanese forces. It served as a medical hub for World War II prisoners, but the reality was far from ordinary. The hospital reportedly transformed into a torture chamber extracting vital information from the prisoners of war.

Even today, whispers of late-night screams resonating through the corridors add to the horrors of the Old Changi Hospital.

Post-war, the hospital transitioned into the hands of the Ministry of Health, opening its doors to the public. However, its hilltop location made access difficult, especially with steep stairways complicating movement for patients and staff.

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Ghost Sightings in Singapore: Old Changi Hospital Takes the Crown

Now abandoned, the eerie hospital has turned into a hotspot for ghost sightings, etching its name in Singapore haunted spots. A snapshot taken by Instagram user @mohobos in December 2014 added fuel to the ghostly rumours, thanks to an unusual figure captured in the backdrop.

The haunted hospital’s reputation even caught the attention of filmmakers, leading to the 2010 mockumentary, Haunted Changi. Yet, the experience was so unsettling that some crew members vowed never to return, reinforcing its notoriety.

Eerie encounters continued with passers-by reporting strange sightings. One such instance involved a cyclist recording his first encounter with the building, only to notice a shadowy figure making a brief appearance before vanishing.

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Old Changi Hospital: A Haunting Tale or Just a Tale?

With such a spine-chilling narrative, the decision remains yours: is the Old Changi Hospital truly haunted, or is it mere folklore?

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