The ONE Product You Will Need For Your Hair Colour To Stay Flawless

Last Updated on 2016-11-18 , 12:58 pm

Ladies, I’m sure you know the feeling of having to dye your hair with your favourite colour and having it fade away just after 3-4 washes? Yes, you might have the perfect shade of ombre or the gorgeous shade of rose gold only for it to turn into brown within 2 weeks’ time.

Then comes the exasperated feeling of wondering if you should dye your hair back to the same colour and risk it fading, or go for a darker colour instead because you know for sure that it wouldn’t fade as easily.

This problem becomes even more evident for people who are looking to dye your hair in extremely loud colours – you feel like you’ve wasted your money only for the hair colour to last for such a short time.

We all have faced this similar issue before, and have the perfect solution for you to make this problem go away.

Image: Artica Hair Studio

You must be thinking – are you sure that just using this one product is going to make my hair stay flawless? Well, of course not, but it can, make your hair last longer – and we are talking about at least 3-4 weeks with the same gorgeous shade without letting it fade.

Plus, it has a range of colours for you to match your hair colour too.

So if you are currently dyed with a blue dye, you can choose the Hsu Yu Blue Colour Refresh Shampoo that eliminates yellow tones from white hair and also prevents unwanted warm tones from appearing.

And if you are currently dyed with a silver ash dye, it can do the same thing as well.


Basically, you’ve just hit jackpot and found the perfect hair toning shampoo for coloured hair.

Other than shampoo, they also provide after-care products such as the hair mask, which can also help lock in the hair colour and let it last longer.

Image: Artica Hair Studio

For those who are wondering where you can get this wondrous product from, you can do so at Artica Hair Studio – the salon expert when it comes to hair colouring.



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