One of the Hidden Reasons Why Some S’poreans are Unemployed Which They Won’t Admit To


Last Updated on 2023-03-30 , 8:59 am

Despite how advanced technology has become, unemployment is still a thing; as is cancer and starvation.

Is it because technology is taking over people’s jobs?


But we’ve got another opinion.

The Chase For Titles

An HR executive posts the position of “Sales Officer” online. There are only ten applications, all asking for the same pay.

One week later, she changes the position to “Sales Executive”, leaving the job scope as it is.

Thirty people apply. Another week passes and she puts it as “Account Manager” with the same job scope. One hundred applications were submitted, all asking for the same pay with the position of “Sales Officer”.

Sales Officer, Sales Executive or Account Manager—they all do the same thing: building, maintaining and servicing customers’ accounts. The pay is the same. Yet, the number of applications varies.

Have you ever wondered why? Someone once, very proudly, told me that “he’s in a managerial role…blah blah blah”.

Let’s put it this way: We know immediately when one is boasting to us, or merely conveying information. He was boasting.


The conclusion, While Based on a Pretty Subjective View, is Simple

Some Singaporeans take job titles very seriously, for it’s needed to show off to others. You don’t drive a luxury car? It’s okay—you’re a director.

Show your name card to cover your insecurities. While it is important for the position to be specific and accurate as it is required when dealing with other business partners, I’m not referring to this view of the title.

I’m referring to how people correlate that position with their life altogether, leading to an insecure mindset.

And most importantly, a fake sense of authority and leadership just so they can show off.

A True Leader

A true leader doesn’t need to print a box of name cards with the words “I’m a leader”. He merely takes charge without anyone instructing, for he’s the captain of his life (or work).

He takes full responsibility for anything that goes wrong—and when consequences are painful, he faces it instead of throwing it to someone else.

He doesn’t need anyone to approve, nor need anyone to know the pain he has gone through.

However, have some of us become a leader by looking for the word “manager” instead of “officer” in job websites? If not, then how does the phenomenon mentioned in the first two paragraphs occur?

And isn’t that the reason why some people, despite having many job offers, refuse to work and use the phrase “job market is bad” as an excuse?

The Unfortunate Truth

The very unfortunate truth is that some of us might have wanted to be at the top without climbing the stairs. We look around for a lift, and when we’ve reached the top, we don’t know how it feels to be in the middle, for a lift is enclosed.


We just want to be at the top to show off…at the expense of staying unemployed. What have we become?

But of course, there are some bosses who don’t deserve to be one. Watch this video to the end and you’d understand: