Online Reservation for New or Fit-for-Gifting CNY Notes to Start from 17 Jan for DBS


In the blink of an eye, 2024 is here and Chinese New Year (CNY) is coming in less than a month on 10 Feb.

For many, CNY is the quintessential festive season, a time to gather and indulge in delightful meals with family.

Others see it as the “prosperous” season, eagerly awaiting the collection of cash during bainian.

DBS, accommodating both the new digital era and the traditionalists who prefer paper cash, is at your service for this CNY.

Here’s an elaborate guide on both cash and digital gifting for CNY.

Cash Gifting Method 1: Reserve Online, Collect Later

To acquire new or Fit-for-Gifting CNY notes (shortened to Fit notes), an online reservation is essential. This process, familiar to many, remains unchanged from previous years.

Two distinct windows for reservation and collection are set:

  • Reservation Window 1: 17 to 21 Jan
  • Reservation Window 2: 22 to 28 Jan

For note collection, visit your chosen branch either:

  • During Window 1: 24 Jan to 31 Jan
  • During Window 2: 1 Feb to 8 Feb

Please note: collection periods exclude weekends.

When collecting, ensure you have:

  •  NRIC/Passport/Malaysian NRIC
  • Last 4 digits of your DBS/POSB ATM, Debit, or Credit Card number
    (Credit cards must be linked to a DBS/POSB Savings or Current Account)
  • PIN (For Wealth clients only)

Steps for Online Reservation:


1. Visit DBS’s secure online notes reservation site via their official website.
2. Enter your identification and card details, including a PIN for Wealth clients.
3. Choose your preferred branch/centre, date, and time for reservation.
4. Specify the quantity of DBS QR Gift Packs and required notes per denomination.
5. Confirm your details. A confirmation email will follow within 24 hours of submission.
6. Collect your items at the scheduled time and location.

Remember: Only one reservation per customer is allowed, subject to a reservation limit, and no amendments are permitted post-submission.

The maximum exchange limit for CNY new notes is S$1,000 and S$1,200 for Fit notes per customer.

Collection and/or payment must be made at specified DBS/POSB locations.

Should someone else collect on your behalf, the amount will be deducted from their account.

They must bring their identification, ATM/Debit Card, and the reservation email confirmation, ensuring sufficient funds are available for debiting.

Cash Gifting Method 2: Walk-in Notes Exchange

Before you’re wondering why we need to reserve online if we could just do walk-in, this method is not for just anyone.

This option is exclusively available for customers aged 60 and above and those with disabilities.

Available at various DBS/POSB locations, this method is subject to exchange limits and operates from 24 Jan to CNY eve (9 Feb at 1pm), during branch operating hours.

Similarly, you’ll need to bring along:

  • NRIC/Passport Number/Malaysian NRIC
  • Linked DBS/POSB ATM, Debit, or Credit Card

Cash Gifting Method 3: Pop-up ATMs

From 24 Jan to 9 Feb (CNY eve), between 10am and 1pm daily, new and Fit notes can be withdrawn from 72 pop-up ATMs at 48 locations islandwide.

The available denominations are:

  • S$100 package: 50 pieces of S$2 notes
  • S$300 package: 30 pieces of S$10 notes
  • S$500 package: 10 pieces of S$50 notes
  • S$600 package: 20 pieces of S$10 and 8 pieces of S$50 notes

However, each customer is limited to a maximum of 3 withdrawals (new and/or Fit notes) across all pop-up ATMs during the campaign.

Withdrawals are exclusively for DBS/POSB cardholders and can be made at community clubs, self-service branches, and financial planning branches.

Live waiting times can be checked online here.

Digital Gifting Method 1: DBS QR Ang Bao

Experience the hybrid tradition of Ang Bao with a modern twist.


These paper Ang Baos come with a QR code.

Upon scanning, recipients can receive pre-loaded amounts via DBS Paylah!

Image: DBS

You can also add customized messages and festive GIFs for a personal touch.

Image: DBS
Image: DBS
Image: DBS

Best of all, no queuing for cash is needed for these Ang Baos, and using DBS QR Ang Baos or eGift gives you a chance to win up to S$88,888.

Order your DBS QR Ang Baos by 25 Jan to receive them before 8 Feb.


Delivery is complimentary.

They’re also available for collection at selected DBS/POSB branches or pop-up ATMs in community centres.

While stocks last.

Digital Gifting Method 2: DBS eGift

For instant and seamless gifting, choose DBS eGift. Customize your message or send festive GIFs, then simply tap “Pay” or “eGift” on your PayLah! app.

New PayLah! users get $5 upon registering with the promo code ‘FIVELAH’ until 31 Dec 2024.

Image: DBS

Gift a minimum of $8 using QR Ang Bao or eGift and keep total cash withdrawals below $600 for a chance to win up to $88,888.