You Can Now Apply for One-Time $500 Temporary Relief Fund Online But It’s Only Operational from 9am to 6pm

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Recently, the government announced the Temporary Relief Fund which will give a one-time payout of $500 to people whose income dropped by more than 30% due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In order to be eligible, you must not be on ComCare Assist and is able to furnish proof that your income has dropped by at least 30%.

Your household must also not have an income exceeding $10,000 or $3,100 per capita before Covid-19 happened.

You can find out more here.

To apply, you’ll have to approach your nearest community centres or service centres that the Ministry of Finance (MSF) is operating.

But guess what?

If you’re busy during the weekdays (because you’re an essential business employee) or you just don’t want to leave the house unnecessarily during this month, I’ve got great news for you:

You Can Apply For The Temporary Relief Fund Online

From 6 Apr onwards, applicants can go to this website to apply for the Temporary Relief Fund.

You will need your SingPass in order to log in to fill out your information.

Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your SingPass password. You can still reset your SingPass at SingPost during this month of circuit breaker.

You will also need to supply supporting documents and a PayNow account as well.

Remember to supply supporting documents because many who did not provide supporting documents were disqualified from getting the $500.

Applications are open until 30 Apr 2020 and the Minister of Social and Family, Desmond Lee, says “there’s no need to rush”.

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There’s A Catch: It’s Only Operational During Office Hours

Unlike before, where applications can be submitted at CCs even at night, the website will only operate during normal office hours, which, in this case, is 9 to 6pm.

Image: Giphy

That’s because, Mr Lee explains, the system is very new.

He added that his colleagues at the Ministry of Social & Finance (MSF) are closely monitoring the website’s load and testing it out.


The website’s operating hours might change too as he said that the current arrangements are only made “for a start”.

You can read his full post here:

MSF Minister Desmond Lee Disappointed With S’poreans

Mr Lee also urges Singaporeans to be more considerate and only apply for the money if they really need it.

He said that they’ve been trying to make the Temporary Relief Fund more flexible and responsive so that people who really need help can get it as soon as possible.


Yet he has received screenshots of people claiming to have made “easy money” from the Temporary Relief Fund.

And the screenshot he used? It was from the infamous EDMW forum at Hardwarezone.

No wonder they say Singaporeans don’t deserve nice things. Because a small minor part of ours always #spoilmarket for the rest of us.

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