Orchard Smokers Fined For Smoking Outside Box With Unclear Lines


Earlier this year, the National Environment Agency (NEA) introduced a smoking ban at Orchard Road.

With this smoking ban, smokers are only allowed to smoke at 50 designated areas, also better known as the Yellow Box by most of us, especially people who’ve served NS before.

Anyone caught smoking outside of the yellow box will face a composition fine of $200, or court fine up to $1,000.

With such a ban being introduced, a smoking platoon was formed.

Image: Adam Atelophobia Facebook Page

Keep Both Feet Inside the Box

When NEA says to only light your cigarettes inside the yellow box, they meant BOTH YOUR FEET to be inside the yellow box.

A man claimed that he was fine despite only having one foot outside of the yellow box.

Image: Lion City Feed

He even uploaded an image to prove his claim, which was taken down soon after.


In his caption, he stated “Probably didn’t hit the quota today. What a joke. Do share this around, dont give any more money to these fools and be really careful where you smoke, they’re everywhere”.

Brother over here must be pretty damn angry then.

Unclear Boundary Lines

You know there will always be some jokers who try to test water and smoke outside of the yellow boxes.

Or maybe, they just didn’t know where did the yellow box ended – just like the two guys here.

Image: Facebook (Complaint Singapore)

On 2 September 2019, a Facebook user has so kindly shared a video in the Facebook group called Complaint Singapore, with a caption “Orchard, mai sng sng (which means don’t play play in Hokkien), they’re catching puffing outside the yellow box”.

In the video, it was seen that two smokers were talking to two uniformed guys, believed to be Auxiliary Officers.

Apparently, what happened was that these two guys were smoking outside of the yellow box and were caught by the Auxiliary Officers.

But if you have watched the video, you may notice that the yellow box isn’t very visible as it was being covered by sand and dirt.

image: Facebook (Complaint Singapore)

Can you see where the yellow line end? No?

Netizens In Action

In this kind of situation, there’s always that one person who likes to do sales talk.

Be careful if a police officer just happens to be part of that Facebook group ah.

Image: Facebook (Complaint Singapore)

And that person who likes to talk about voting 24/7.

Image: Facebook (Complaint Singapore)

Then, we have a wise man. #YOLO

Image: Facebook (Complaint Singapore)

Take Care Of Your Smoking Kakis

A few days back, I was at the smoking corner outside Plaza Singapura.


A very kind auntie who just finished her stick saw two youngsters smoking outside the designated area.

She went ahead to pull them into the yellow box and told them that there are NEA Officers everywhere.

Be like this auntie and take care of your fellow smokers.

Because no matter whether there’s a quota or not, the officers are still obligated to catch you.

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