Oreo Music Box Allows You To Play Different Tunes On Your Oreo Cookie; Only $24.90

I have an unpopular opinion.

Oreos are… OK.

They’re not bad. But most people behave like they’re experiencing multiple orgasms when they eat Oreos.

For me, though, it’s just a regular chocolate biscuit. So I almost never buy Oreos.

Unless I want to play some music of course.

New Oreo Music Box at NTUC Fairprice

For Oreo lovers out there, you can now buy an Oreo Music Box from NTUC Fairprice!

Now, before I go on, you’re probably wondering: What the f*** is an Oreo Music Box?

Well, dear reader, that’s why I’m here.

Image:YouTube (KELOLAND News)

An Oreo Music Box is a box that plays music on an oreo.

Image: Giphy

OK, maybe I should explain further.

The music box functions like a vinyl record player. So, when you place an Oreo cookie on the small turntable on the box and put down the stylus (the thing that spins the record or oreo), it starts playing music.

Here’s what it looks like:

It’s kind of beautiful, isn’t it? Who knew an Oreo could be so magical?


If that isn’t magical enough, each cookie plays a different song when you place it on the music box.

Oh, and these cookies are edible. In fact, every time you take a bite of an Oreo and place it back on the music box, it plays a different tune!

Image: YouTube (Digital Asia)

But that’s not all.

You can even record messages on the box. That would make a really good present for that special someone in your life, wouldn’t it?

Boyfriend: Hey babe, I got you something for your birthday.

Girlfriend: Aww, what is it?

Boyfriend: It’s an Oreo.


Girlfriend: …

Boyfriend: That you can play music on.

Girlfriend: …

Boyfriend: And I even recorded a message on it. 

Girlfriend: Should I call a doctor?


Yes, your partner will definitely love it.

So how much is it?

According to Must Share News, you can purchase a music box at Fairprice for S$24.90. Each box comes with 10 packs of Oreo cookies.

Image: Fairprice

But if you’re a glutton like me, you could buy a 1.5kg Oreo Cookie Box set available at Shopee.

So if you’re an Oreo lover, music lover, or just a lover of weird things, get a box so you can play music on an Oreo in your room!


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