Parents Allegedly Take Legal Action Against School For Confiscating a Phone


You know, I thought I’ve seen all sorts of ridiculous things in my life but this one really takes the cake.

But before that, just some interesting tidbits: a few days back, the MOE Facebook Page posted a series of images, encouraging parents not to be “helicopter parents” and urging them not to hinder the student’s development.

It must have worked, because the images garnered well over 3K Shares, with many praising the organisation for this effort.

And here’s one image for you, because it has suddenly become so important now.

Image: Facebook (Ministry of Education, Singapore)

So. Back to the topic.

I believe every single one of us has broken school rules before. And if you’re caught, you’ll just have to face the music.

For some of us with old-school parents, we’ll get punished by the school, then by them. The lucky ones get a mild talking to, if not get off scot-free.

But wait till you read about what this boy’s parents did. No wonder MOE had to create images to stop parents from rearing strawberries.

ACS Sec Two Boy Caught Using iPhone 7 in Class

According to Wanbao, a secondary two student studying in ACS had his handphone confiscated.

He was caught using it in class on 20 March 2017 and was sent to the principal office with another classmate.

Upon questioning by the principal, he confessed that he was using his iPhone 7 and loaned it to his classmate as well.

If you’re caught using your mobile device in the school, the punishment was to confiscate the device for 3 months.

The boy acknowledged that he was aware of the rule. His iPhone 7 was confiscated and locked in a drawer in the office.

And that was when things went to hell. 

Parents Not Happy, Want to Go Court

So how did the parents react? Scold the boy for breaking school rules? Teach him patience by making him forgo a mobile phone for three months?



After all, it’s not like the boy broke any serious rules, right? What right did the school have to take his personal property? It’s not like he really needs to be punished mah.

So they sent an email detailing four reasons why the principal should return the mobile phone (wah, wait, they also know listicle works in this social media age?). The reasons stated in the email was not revealed. 

When there was no reply, they sent a letter of demand for the device. And when that didn’t work, they applied for an injunction from the court.

Well done. I can’t wait to see what the kid will be like when he grows up. 

But we’re all curious: What are the four reasons? Would we all be shocked when we see the reasons?


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