Passenger Caught Force-Opening Train Doors Explains Her Actions


Throughout the week, videos featuring an individual dressed in a black bra top and pink dress have gone viral on social media, confusing Singaporeans. 

However, their confusion wasn’t because of the individual’s unconventional attire but rather the person’s actions.

The passenger boarding an MRT moving towards Ang Mo Kio made a daring attempt to force the train’s doors to open just as it was departing from the platform.

As a result, the passenger has come forward to explain her actions.

Passenger Identifies As Woman

During an interview with Shin Min Daily News, the passenger, wearing a black bra top and pink dress, said that she identifies as a woman, despite previous news reports describing her as a man.

The passenger introduced herself as “Fan Ruisha.Wang Ziqi” (transliterated from Mandarin). 

She claimed that she has multiple personality disorders, mania, and autism and is currently undergoing treatment at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH).

However, when asked to show her medical records, she said only authorised personnel could access them. She also told Shin Min Daily News that she was concerned her life might be affected when the incident of her opening the MRT doors gained public attention.

Passenger Claims She Has a Diploma in Mechanical Course, Wanted to Test Door Stability

When asked why she attempted to open the MRT door, she said that she held a professional diploma in mechanical engineering. 

Armed with her qualifications, she wanted to assess the stability of the MRT door, citing encounters where her umbrella and hand had been caught in MRT doors before.

She explained that she attempted to check the door’s reliability. 

After attempting to push the MRT door open, she found it surprisingly “easy” to do so. 

As a result, she decided to further test whether the door would open while the train was departing.

Passenger Forcibly Opened MRT Doors

If you lived under a rock and have never come across the video, here’s what went down.

The passenger applied considerable force as she tried to forcefully open the train doors. 

Amidst the commotion, some passengers raised their voices to stop her, while a man calmly approached her, saying, “Wait for the next stop.”

Image: Facebook (Raven Qiu)

According to Shin Min Daily News, this incident unfolded at 1.07 pm last Wednesday (29 November 2023), as the train moved towards Ang Mo Kio MRT Station. 

A photo circulating on social media captures the passenger lying on the station floor, surrounded by officers from the Public Transport Security Command (TransCom).

Image: Facebook (Beh Chia Lor)

Mr Lam, President of SMRT Trains, addressed the matter, emphasising that station staff were alerted at approximately 1pm during the second and more dangerous attempt. 

SMRT is actively collaborating with the police in their ongoing investigation into this incident.

Not Her First Time Opening MRT Doors

Following the widespread circulation of the video depicting the incident on 29 November, more videos and photos have emerged, revealing that this isn’t the first time she has attempted to forcibly open MRT train doors.


The passenger, known for being dressed in a black bra top and pink dress, has been connected to multiple instances of attempting to pry open MRT train doors along Singapore’s North-South Line.

One such incident unfolded on 27 November 2023, around 6pm, at the underground Braddell station. 

She made a concerted effort to force open the closing MRT doors, causing more than just a delay in departure; they resulted in significant disruption.

Interestingly, some members of the public had already encountered her in Woodlands before this incident came to light. 

According to reports by Shin Min Daily News, various businesses in the Woodlands area have had sightings of her, particularly in the area where she is believed to reside.

Image: Facebook (Shin Min Daily News)

One 64-year-old woman, known as Mrs Zhou (transliterated from Mandarin), who manages an infant products store, recently spotted her for the first time. 


Just a few days ago, she observed the passenger playing loud music below the residential block and grooving to the rhythm, attracting quite a crowd’s attention.

Another witness, Ms Zhang (transliterated from Mandarin), who works at a confectionery store, began seeing her a few months back. 

On several occasions, she noticed the passenger loitering outside one of the shops, engaged in spirited conversations at a high volume and playing music. 

Occasionally, she’d even indulge in solitary singing and dancing sessions.