Pedestrian Hit By Taxi Just Calmly Walked Off #LikeABoss

What do you do when you’re hit by a turning vehicle?

  1. Scold the driver
  2. Check for injuries
  3. Stop, then continue with your business like nothing has happened

We never thought we’ll come across C, but well, there’s a first for everything.

Here, take a look yourself.

Someone with a shopping bag crossed the road and a taxi, who seemed to be in a rush as he turned into the main road pretty fast, caught the pedestrian by surprise. But the pedestrian just stepped back, and then continued her walk calmly.

A car’s dashboard camera caught everything in action and according to, a police report has been made (though it might not be the pedestrian; see how calm she is as she minded her own business).

In the comment sections, most people are suggesting that the pedestrian shouldn’t have crossed the road at the junction as the taxi driver’s attention is on the vehicles on the road, having to check both sides of the traffic.

Also, his view might be blocked.

In fact, it’s a miracle that he managed to stop in time.

Lesson to learn?

For pedestrians, always double check before stepping onto the road.

For drivers, just remember that you’re operating a killer machine.

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