Man Caught Peeing at HDB Corridor; Claims It’s an ‘Emergency’


I’m sure that there are instances where you are urgent, but you can’t find a single toilet near you.

We have all been there before.

However, all of us, if not a majority of us, will rather continue holding it in, than to answer nature’s call in public spaces.

Not for this guy though.

Man Caught Peeing at HDB Corridor; Claims It’s an ‘Emergency’

All Singapore Stuff posted a video on its Facebook page on Monday (25 May), showing a video of a man caught urinating at an HDB corridor.

In the video, a resident confronted the man and questioned his actions for urinating at a corridor during circuit breaker period in the wee hours.

At the start of the video, a man in a white shirt with a black mask was seen walking away from the rubbish chute of an HDB block.

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Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)

Yes, the deed was already done.

The resident behind the camera then asked him what he was doing there. Initially, the man replied that he was disposing of things.

However, after the resident asked if he was urinating there, he immediately claimed that it was an “emergency” because he “buey tahan” (cannot stand it).

What Happened Afterwards

Subsequently, the resident asked where he was from, which he replied “downstairs”.


“Downstairs then go downstairs, why you come here and pee?” said the resident, as he was clearly annoyed that a grown man would do such a thing.

The man then defended himself, saying that he was smoking at the staircase before he felt urgent and needed to pee badly.

The resident couldn’t believe his eyes and he continuously questioned the man and his sanity for peeing in his corridor.

Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)

“Why you pee in our area?” the resident interrogated the man.

“Why you take my picture?” the man replied with anger.

So many questions thrown but none of them answered.

When asked why he didn’t pee somewhere else instead, the man finally answered that because toilets around the area were “closing”.

The man also admitted that he knows it’s not allowed to smoke at the staircase, but he still did it anyway.

He then justified his actions by saying that he “cleaned up” his pee by pouring water over it to dilute it.

The resident refused to accept it and continued to demand he clean up his mess.


As usual, the man used “emergency” as a reason to defend himself.

This back and forth continued until the end of the video, where the man said that he is gonna take the resident’s house number to complain as the resident has taken his video.

Reactions In Comments Section 

Since the posting of the clip, it has gone viral with over 1k shares and 685 comments at the time of this article.

However, there were split reactions in the comments section. Some reasoned out his actions, while others condemned him for it.

One netizen pointed out that the man would have complied to cleaning up his mess if the resident did not film the incident and shame him.

Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)

Another netizen sympathised with his situation, saying that sometimes when nature calls… you gotta answer it. However, he noted that the man is probably lying that he is living downstairs.


Because why pee upstairs along the corridor when your house is just downstairs?

Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)

On the other hand, netizens also disapproved of his actions, and validated the anger of the resident.

Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)

Netizens pointed out that he was causing public nuisance, and that smoking is also not allowed at staircases. The presence of a random man at his corridor probably also looked suspicious to the resident.

Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)

On that note, smoking at staircases is against the law. Anyone found guilty can be fined up to $1,000.

Additionally, urinating in public spaces will be fined up to $1,000 for the first offence, and $2,000 and $5,000 for the subsequent offences respectively.


Check out the video: