PewDiePie Pays Tribute To Allegedly-Dead YouTuber Who Trolled Him & His Audience

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YouTube is full of drama.

Youtubers insulting other YouTubers. Apology videos. Response-to-the-apology videos. Response-to-the-apology-response videos.

It never ends.

But in the midst of the trolling and insults, one YouTuber chose to take the high road.

Burying the online hatchet

YouTube star PewDiePie has paid tribute to another reportedly-dead YouTuber who trolled him and his audience.

Dillon Henderson, known as Dillon the Hacker on YouTube, made satirical videos about popular YouTubers, including PewDiePie.

Like this one.


Friends of the Dillon recently posted on Twitter saying the young YouTuber had passed away.

He was only 20 years old.

The poster said she can’t give more details of his death because his “family would like privacy”.

Goody Feed cannot confirm Dillon’s death at this moment.

PewDiePie Nemesis

Dillon’s channel has over 137,000 subscribers, with many satirical videos aimed at PewDiePie.

In some of these videos, Dillon ranted about how he had taken over PewDiePie’s channel, become his social-media manager, and even stolen his girlfriend and now wife, Marzia.

And when someone throws shade on you on YouTube, you have to release a response video.

And so PewDiePie did.

But despite the pair’s online feud, PewDiePie paid tribute to the young YouTuber once he heard news of Dillon’s death.

Twitter tribute

In a tweet posted on Thursday (Aug 29), PewDiePie expressed his sadness at Dillon’s passing and called him a “talented young comedian”. He also offered his condolences to the young YouTuber’s family.

Soon after his tweet, “RIP Dillon” was trending on Twitter.

Dillon’s videos were clearly satirical and not intended to cause any offence. PewDiePie understood this, which is why he praised the late YouTuber.

Many fans have commented on his old videos about PewDiePie, calling him the “King of Satire” and offering their condolences.

Dillon will always be remembered for his entertaining videos and will be deeply missed.




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