Phone Scammer Accidentally Called NZ Police & Even Spoke for More than 2 Minutes


Perhaps phone scammers might want to run a quick check before randomly dialing numbers in the future, because you’ll never know who’s on the other end of the line.

A phone scammer was in it for the time of his life when he accidentally dialed a number that led straight to the New Zealand Police. But, of course, the police officer wanted to have a bit more ‘fun’ with the phone scammer before letting him off, and even acted as though he fell right into the scammer’s traps before exposing him.

Caller:’This is support server connection of Windows technical department, sir. So that we would be able to help you ensure the problems of your computer.’

Police Officer:’Hey, is this a scam mate?’

Caller:’If it would be a scam or a hacking call, we wouldn’t have called you, we would have directly taken access to your computer, hacked your computer, and (we) wouldn’t done anything with your computer, it would really be a scam or something like that.’

The phone scammer acted to be from Windows’ technical department in an attempt to trick the police officer into disclosing personal data. The scammer said that he was from the support server connection of Windows technical department and tried to get the police officer to enter the website of Team Viewer, a programme that is used regularly by IT personnel to remotely control a computer in order to fix any problem the user has.

But of course, the scammer was trying to gain access to the computer to do something else.

However, the police officer knew better than to do that. He tried to fish out more information from the phone scammer – even asking the question in the face if he was trying to scam his money.

The New Zealand police officer then continued questioning the scammer. 

Police Officer:’You’re trying to scam me, this phone call is overseas. Do you know you’ve rung the New Zealand police?’

Caller: ‘Yeah.’

Officer: ‘Yeah.’

Officer: ‘So. You’re trying to scam the New Zealand police?’

Caller: ‘Shut up. F off.’

Busted! Somebody just got burned real bad. 

The video posted on the New Zealand Police Facebook page has since garnered over 10k shares. Now, you know who you should not be messing with. 


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Featured Image: Facebook (New Zealand Police)


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