Photo of Couple Hugging At Roadside In Thailand Goes Viral & Started An Argument

If you’re as much a purveyor of social media as my boss is, you’d come to realise one thing really quickly.

The online world isn’t a happy place. Despite what Ralph Breaks The Internet says.

And you know, you can’t blame people who create content online because well, you got to get the views.

And people like reading about negative stuff.

But then again, from time to time, or as my non-existent girlfriend likes to call it, once in a blue moon, good stuff pops up.

Stuff like this really sweet grandpa and grandma

And now, another aww-worthy moment surfaced on the internet.

Introducing #RelationshipGoals Version 2.0

This was believed to be taken in Thailand and it features an unknown couple.

The guy, a dishwasher, presumedly at a roadside stall. The girl, simply blissfully happy.

Image: Facebook

Better To Be Happy Than Rich?

This image was uploaded by Facebook Page Humanity4Life with the following caption:

It’s more important to be happy than to be rich. *heart emoji*

And the post has garnered more than 52k shares with over 3,300 comments.

Most couldn’t help gushing over the image.

Some couldn’t help thinking back to their own relationships

But then again, there are some who agree to disagree

Some vigorously.

Some reasonably.

And then, there’s the third group of people; those who stand firmly in the middle.

To them, happiness and rich are not mutually exclusive. News flash, you can be rich and happy.

Moral Of The Story?

Don’t read too much into it. The post was intended for one purpose only: to restore faith into humanity (that, I infer from the Facebook Page’s name) about how love and happiness exist.

Even if you’re a dirt-broke writer like me.

After all, judging by some of the headlines about Singaporeans:

It might just be something that we really need to hear.