PHV Driver Threatens to Assault Driver with a Pole After He’s Being Honked a Few Times

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Contrary to the average layman’s stoic, good-laden beliefs, road rage is very much prevalent here in Singapore.

And in more extreme cases, it has also involved more than just insults, harsh remarks and other rude, condescending words;

It has also entailed the likes of physical objects, such as the following pole.

PHV Driver Threatens to Assault Driver with a Pole After He’s Being Honked a Few Times

Just yesterday (12 May 2021), Youtube channel SG Road Vigilante posted a 1:54 clip on the video-sharing platform, wherein a PHV Toyota Altis driver was supposedly guilty of a little… road rage.

Stated to have occurred on 11 May 2021 at Lake Life Condominium, the incident started off with a rather controversial piece of parking technique.

Apparently, the driver had paused in the middle of actual 2-way traffic, as he awaited the boarding of a customer.

Even after accepting the passenger, the driver did not immediately shift to the side, and continued using his phone.

This led to a steady build-up of vehicles at the back, and the film uploader decided to high-beam and honk at the errant driver.

It’s a notion that seemingly failed to go down well with the latter.

At this point, the PHV Toyota driver “slowly crawled” onto the main road, almost begrudgingly.

And yet it was not until he had reached the middle of the single lane that he gave in to his ‘road rage’ tendencies.

Alighting with all the gusto of an indignant man, the errant driver began shouting with utmost finesse.

Unsatisfied with a verbal tirade, he then headed back into his car and retrieved a pole.

As one may’ve expected, the pole wasn’t exactly used for very humanitarian reasons.

Instead, it was presented as a weapon of sorts.

Indeed, it was hard not to associate the man with the fabled legend Sun Wu Kong, considering his expertise at the jin gu bang.


You can watch the incriminating video down below:

Apparently, it did not stop there either. According to the film uploader, he “drove away and stopped at the traffic light (red)”, only to see the errant driver speed up and cut him in his lane.

Netizens React

Thus far, the video has garnered over 20K views and 63 likes.

Interestingly, a significant 42 Netizens have downvoted the clip.

Over in the comments section, Netizens are largely divided over the incident.

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While some have berated the errant driver for his behaviour, others pointed out that the cam driver was also in the wrong.

“People live condo mah,” one Netizen wrote. “Yaya cant wait awhile for uncle set GPS. Uncle also wrong for not holding his temper with customer on board. This type just close one eye, why make things difficult?”

“Uncle sure in the wrong,” another stated. “But cam driver also a cb kia. Horn at drivers just because he can’t wait for someone to pick up.”


Many, however, could not deny the ferocity of the pole-wielding man.

“Give people a chance to make a living lah…” one comment stated. “But that old uncle fierce leh!”

Though it may just come with its own consequences.

“He can prepare to drink kopi with mata liao,” another wrote cryptically.

Road Rage

Road rage may sound cool on paper.


But it’s far from being so in reality.

The cause and incitation of many damning incidents, road rage has proven to be the downfall for many.

Thankfully, however, it appears that efforts are being made to curb it further.

The same goes for illegal racers and errant drivers too.

According to TODAYonline, new amendments have been proposed to the Road Traffic Act to discourage incidents of road rage.


According to the news report, those found guilty of committing road rage may soon face an increased risk of disqualification from driving.

Currently, motorists can only face disqualification if they are found to have committed road rage and violated certain conditions. For instance, voluntarily causing hurt or death.

Should the amendments pass, the disqualification criteria would be expanded to include all offences under any written law that are committed in a road rage incident.

Featured Image: Youtube (SG Road Vigilante)

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