Pizza Hut Having Army Stew Pizza: “Maggi Mee” & Rice Cake on Pizza


Available for a Limited Time Only

If you’re still debating whether pineapple belongs on pizza, I have the perfect addition to your dilemma.

What if instead of pineapple, you have Maggi mee and rice cakes as toppings?

Well, you can try it out for yourself because Pizza Hut Singapore has introduced the all-new Korean Army Stew Pizza.

Topped with Seven Cheeses and a Cheesy Stuffed Crust

The Korean wave seems to be far from dying down, so if you can’t fight it, join it, right?

And isn’t food always the way to go?

If you’re a fan of the popular army stew, it is now paired with pizza – which is obviously a cult classic.

This pizza offers up the different dimensions of Korean army stew – from the seven kinds of cheese to the chicken luncheon meat, down to the chewy tteokbokki and kimchi.

Of course, how could we forget one of the most important ingredients of army stew?

That’s right – it’s the ramyeon. Yes, it’s on the pizza too.

Amazing Deals that Make Your Heart Go “Tteokbokki, Tteokbokki”

With the introduction of the Korean army stew pizza, there’s an ongoing promotion until 24 September 2023 where the pizza is priced at $19.90, down from the usual $35.90.

You can redeem this promotion with the code ‘DAEBAK’ for deliveries or flashing this Facebook post when dining in to enjoy this pizza without breaking the bank.

And if you’re craving a little more ramen, as if it’s not enough carbs already, then you can add on more noodles for $4.50 to fill up your tummy.

Two regular pizzas are also going for $25, with a $10 add-on if you want to change one to the Army Stew Pizza, although this only applies to deliveries.

Share the Love

Pizza Hut also has the perfect sharing box if you want to turn this into a night of mukbang at home..


For two to three people, they offer the Best Chingu Box at $33.90 ($11.30/pax), which includes one regular army stew pizza, four wings and garlic bread.

Image: Facebook (Pizza Hut)

For three to four people, there is the Daebak Box, which costs $46.50 and includes the pizza, hut melts, six wings of your choosing and the lovely garlic bread.

The K Party Box, suitable for five to six people, offers the same selection with an additional pizza and a 1.5L drink.

Image: Facebook (Pizza Hut)

If you’re planning to go big, consider the Oh My Kimchi Box for six to eight people with the pizzas, the hut melts and two options for sides.

Image: Facebook (Pizza Hut)

Those are just some delivery bundles you can consider for the next time you want a K-drama marathon with some friends.

This is truly the ultimate indulgence – but don’t we all need that sometimes?