This is Real: Pizza Hut S’pore Having Pizza Topped with Bubble Tea Pearls for a Limited Time

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Obviously, Singaporeans inhale bubble tea like it’s their lifeblood. At this point, we might as well replace IV drips with the addictive, sweet drink. We’re crazy for bubble tea, but are we this crazy?

Introducing Pizza Hut’s new concoction, the Bubble Tea Blossom Pizza! Uhh people who love bubble tea and pizza together rejoice?

Yes, it’s actually real and yes, you can order it now for $11.80. The Boba Set for one is available for dine-in customers and comes with a side and drink, included in the price.

Image: Pizza Hut Singapore

The pizza is available in 67 Pizza Hut outlets across Singapore and for delivery as well. After 30 March 2021, the sweet and savoury dish shall no longer be available.

According to Pizza Hut’s media release, Pizza Hut will also be running advertisements on television featuring a love story between Ms Mozzarella and Mr Bubble to promote the launch of the pizza.

That’s one gooey relationship.

“Customers who dine in and order a regular or large Bubble Tea Blossom Pizza from 17th February will receive an exclusive Mr Bubble or Ms Mozzarella character pin to celebrate the launch, available while stocks last,” said Pizza Hut. They’ve also created WhatsApp stickers of the two animated characters.

In addition, there’s an ongoing 50% discount on all pizza flavours when two pizzas are ordered for delivery or one pizza is ordered for takeaway.

Bubble Tea Blossom Pizza

As someone who has a sweet tooth but also loves cheesy pizza, I’m not sure how the toppings are going to work out.

The classic Pizza Hut base remains, topped with classic mozzarella cheese. Sounds good so far.

Sweet brown sugar milk tea sauce is used on the pizza base, while the well-loved bubble tea pearls and marshmallows decorate the top of the pizza.

I think I can already hear the Italians coming to kill us.

You (and many others) might be scratching your head, going “why can’t they just be eaten separately?”

Pizza Hut’s Head of Marketing and Food Innovation Jayss Rajoo explains, “We know that pizza is a firm family favourite of Singaporeans; so, we thought, why not combine it with another great Singaporean love – bubble tea? The Bubble Tea Blossom Pizza is the perfect combination of the nation’s favourite food items and the perfect meal for friends, family and loved ones to enjoy during this season.”



Think this is the first time people have tried combining bubble tea with other well-loved food? Check out this bubble tea with salted egg pearls or this bubble tea seaweed.

To know more about bubble tea, you might want to watch this video to the end (and please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informative videos!):

Featured Image: Pizza Hut Singapore

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