S’pore Bubble Tea Shop Has Salted Egg Pearls & It Actually Tastes Good With Black Tea


Over the years, we’ve had a plethora of salted egg dishes like burgers, ramen and even Nasi Lemak.

And though a few have proven rather ‘whacky’ in nature, they’ve all tasted reasonably good.

Which is a sure testament to the prowess of salted egg, I’m sure.

Image: rotinrice.com

But here’s the thing. Salted egg may pair well with numerous delicacies, but it’s still relatively untested when it comes to a distinct involvement in bubble tea.

After all, one does not have to look further than LiHo’s previous creation, the Salted Egg Lava Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk, to know that salted egg is not, as many people perceive, omniscient.

It could go a little… poorly too.

And so… we can’t help but have our defenses up when it was announced that Hollin Singapore has launched actual salted egg pearls in light of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Image: Facebook (Hollin Singapore)

Sure, it may sound really tempting.

But will it be genuinely be the case, or a live example of the phrase, “Maybe lightning does strike the same spot twice?

S’pore Bubble Tea Shop Has Salted Egg Pearls

Lest you’re unaware, Hollin is no stranger to the creation of unique-flavoured pearls. They have, after all, generated a weekly lineup of pearls that ranges from coffee to strawberry to matcha.


Green tea flavoured pearls? Well, that’s definitely a niche market alright.

But it seems that Hollin has outdone itself, as they have apparently released an actual…

Salted egg version.

Image: Facebook (Hollin Singapore)

Not gonna lie; it looks like a really sumptuous snack.

Unlike its ‘predecessor’, however, we do not know how the pearls are formed.

Note: The Salted Egg Lava Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk had been made with authentic salted eggs that are mashed with roasted brown sugar pearls. 

And It Actually Tastes Good With Black Tea

Touted as “rich and savoury”, these salted egg pearls reportedly go well with their signature Hollin Milk Tea and Black Tea Rock Salt Macchiato.

However, we can’t quite ascertain this particular notion, so you would really have to try it to know whether it’s correct.

But what we do know, is that someone had tried the salted egg beverage. And apparently, the salted egg note wasn’t actually overpowering, and it reportedly shares a similar taste with salted egg chicken…

Just diluted.


Well, the more you know…

Can’t help but wonder how salted egg chicken would taste like if it was an actual ingredient in bubble tea though.

And So… What’re You Waiting For?

For the record, these pearls are currently only available for walk-in customers on a while stocks last basis.

They are also only available until Sunday (27 Sep 2020).

Image: Giphy

Yes folks, that’s tomorrow.

And so, please note down the outlet details presented below.



Hollin Toa Payoh

Address: 190 Toa Payoh Central, #01-538, Singapore 310190

Opening Hours: 10am-10pm, Mon-Sun

Nearest MRT: Toa Payoh



Hollin Suntec City

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-605/605A, Singapore 038983

Opening Hours: 12-9pm (Mon-Thurs), 12-10pm (Fri-Sun)

Nearest MRT: Promenade
And with that in mind, I feel it appropriate to remind you yet again that the offer expires tomorrow.

So head on down already if you’re a fan of all things bubble tea! 🙂

Don’t say bojio ah!

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