Man Who Found MCD’s Replacement Now Found Frozen Drumlets That Taste 96% Like Pizza Hut’s Version

One truly heroic knight known as Leslie Koh has been solving your troubles for you.

From the man who brought you the replacement for McNuggets when Ronald McDonald vanished when the world needed him most?

Image: Tenor

The same legend has brought you the solution to the problem you might not know you had – the replacement for Pizza Hut drumlets.

Yes, the drumlets that are somehow softer and nicer than any drumlets in the world.


Leslie Koh, the man who made the front pages of Facebook due to his legendary achievement of finding the McNugget replacements, has embarked and completed yet another quest of pure courage and chivalry.

By putting himself on the frontlines, he has personally tried and tested the top 3 brands that are cited to be a suitable replacement for the drumlets.

Image: Facebook (Leslie Koh)

CP vs Betagro vs Farmpride

As a professional spoiled kid who hasn’t had the need to do that much grocery shopping, the only brand I know of was CP. But maybe my mum would know all three.

Image: Facebook (Leslie Koh)

But surprise surprise, the CP Roasted Hot Wings, priced at $14.50 per 1kg pack, came in third by Sir Leslie Koh’s standards.

Mainstream isn’t that goody after all.

He claimed that the ‘hotness’ of the wings were too weak and was more suitable as an alternative for young children who may not be able to take spice.

Overall, he ranked the similarity in taste at around 75-80%.

Not bad la, that’s still higher than I ever scored in my exams *sobs*.

Image: Facebook (Leslie Koh)

And up next, we have the Betagro Buffalo Spicy Drummet. Being the most expensive of the three per 100g, it is priced at $5.45 per 300g pack.

He reviewed that this one was slightly juicier and sweeter due to a notable difference in spices used. It was also ranked at 75-80% similarity, but was regarded as a “great alternative if you want to try something different”.

Image: Facebook (Leslie Koh)

Last but not least, we have the Farmpride Buffalo Wings, priced at $6.75 per 450g pack.

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It was rated a whopping 96% level in similarity in taste, safe for a slightly higher spice and oil level. In comparison, he said that these ones would be a 10/10 in terms of spice level if Pizza Hut was an 8/10.


Image: Facebook (Leslie Koh)

Now, obviously our grand winner here are the Farmpride Buffalo Wings with the highest score in similarity in taste.

If you want the best replacement (albeit a little spicier, but being an Asian you should be okay with that or else shame on you), this is the one to go for.

However, if you want to go for something different but just barely pricier, the Betagro Buffalo Spicy Drummet is a good one to go for. If you or your young children are unable to take spice (stares at you disapprovingly), then CP Roasted Hot Wings are the way to go.

Image: Tenor

But at the end of the day, all wings and drumlets are awesome. No discrimination here. But all praises go to our hero Leslie Koh.

Leslie, if you’re reading this, can you find a replacement for McGriddles please pretty?

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