Netizens Slammed S’pore TikToker, Playboibrendy, Who Knocked on Doors to Ask What They Do for a Living

If you’re on TikTok regularly, you’d know about this phrase: “Nice car! What do you do for a living?”

The trend was started by Daniel Macdonald (also known as itsdanielmac in TikTok) back in September 2020, when he approached strangers driving supercars and asked them what they do for a living.

It’s ingenious, because we’ll continue to watch, simply because we’re kaypoh and also, we really want to know how rich people get rich. It’s definitely not hard work, right? It’s definitely 4D.

With that, it earned both high watchtime and retention, and people all over the world have followed this trend.

In Singapore, the most well-known one is Koocester, who’s so popular that he’s even verified on TikTok.

Heck, he even managed to find Jianhao Tan…although he might need to update his content now lah.

@koocester Singapore’s most subscribed YouTuber, Jian Hao Tan! Asking Singapore Millionaires What They Do For A Living! The prices are a rough estimate of the full cost in Singapore! @Hao ♬ original sound – Koocester

Someone else in Singapore tried to duplicate the success, because like what a wise old man once said, “Be different and you’ll be successful.”

That wise man was wrong, I guess.

Netizens Slammed S’pore TikToker, Playboibrendy, Who Knocked on Doors to Ask What They Do for a Living

The key thing that kept people watching is the curiosity gap of what rich people do for a living.

So, instead of asking people driving supercars, why not ask people who live in landed property?

After all, they, too, are rich, right?

In fact, want to play big, play the biggest lah: head to the richest neighbourhood instead.

Maybe Ridout Roa—

TikToker Playboibrendy, who has 657 followers in TikTok, decided to do just that at Nassim Road, an area peppered with Good-Class Bunaglows.

He admitted that he has become “Koocester for a day”.

His first two videos didn’t get many views, and as expected, he didn’t get to speak to the owners.

Maybe the owners were out earning money, or maybe they had bought such a big house there just for privacy?

Nevertheless, the third video went viral, and as you probably would expect, the comments were…not that positive.

@playboibrendy Interviewing owners from the richest neighborhood in Singapore #sgtiktok #tiktoksg ♬ original sound – playboibrendy

There were numerous comments condemning his actions, with many saying that people bought private property simply because of this very reason: they wanted privacy.

As he posted more, more netizens started to slam his actions.

Image: TikTok (@Playboibrendy)

Maybe he’d have better luck at Ridout Road, since I know of two people who also often knocked on people’s doors?