Playmade Now Sells Kaya Milk Tea With Coconut Gula Melaka Pearls

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Singaporeans love their milk tea.

I say this not as a statistic but through observing a good buddy who bought two exact same drinks from Koi within 30 minutes.

Or simply observing a bubble tea store after school hours.

But I won’t need to remind you how unhealthy they are:

Thick and sugary, it’s pretty easy to see the appeal of these almost-diabetic drinks.

Though our resident drink taster has had something to say about Playmade’s Wasabi Milk Tea.

Though speaking of Playmade, they’ve concocted something interesting. Again.

Nuts For Coconut

Quick question: what’s the quintessential Singaporean breakfast?

For me, it’d always be kaya toast, eggs, and a nice cup of tea.

However, the former is now a target for Playmade’s latest experiments according to Eatbook.

That is a tasty looking bubble tea if I’ve ever seen one.

For a limited time only, Playmade has recently launched its Peranakan styled Kaya Milk Tea with Coconut Gula Melaka Pearls.

Also, it says limited time but no exact end date. This means it could happen anytime and you should hurry up.

At the very least, I like this over the wasabi or mala pearls milk tea any day.


Each cup of a Kaya Milk Tea costs S$4.20 for medium and S$5.70 for large. Once again, it’s just large and large for me.

The coconut gula Melaka pearls cost S$1 for medium and S$1.60.

But some of you might be asking, “What if I don’t want the two together? Can separate?”

Yes, you can.

These two items aren’t exclusive to each other and can be ordered with other milk teas or toppings!


Image: Giphy

Truthfully, I’m actually wondering how sweet this particular drink will be since it’s got kaya and gula Melaka in it.

Sounds like I’ll enjoy it regardless.

In Case You Want More

Just a reminder: Playmade doesn’t only do milk teas.

In partnership with Kura, they’re also going to sell tarts for the Christmas season.


Bulk orders close on 16 November though so you better get tell your friends and family soon!

Unless you want them all to yourself.

With all these limited deals, I think you kaya-n see where I’m coming from? Better get them before they’re gula melak-gone.

Sorry, not sorry.

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