PlayStation 5 to be Out in 2020 with Controller Buttons That Can ‘Feel’

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Here’s a fun fact that you probably didn’t know: if Nintendo had not “backstabbed” Sony more than 25 years ago, this console could probably be called Nintendo PlayStation 5.

You see, back in 1988, Sony had intentions to get into the gaming industry but didn’t want to go all out. Instead, they collaborated with Nintendo to work on a CD-based console.

Nintendo suddenly backed out dramatically—they didn’t even officially told Sony about their withdrawal.

If this happens in 2019, there’s an easier phrase for that: Nintendo ghosted Sony.

Sony was so triggered that they continued with the project despite not any game publishers’ support and contacts.

But they persisted, convincing publishers that unlike Nintendo, they wouldn’t need exclusive deals for the games (which is why you see so many of their games in PC, too), and the rest is history: the PlayStation 4 has sold over 91 million units while Nintendo’s latest console, the Nintendo Switch, struggles behind at just over 34 million units.

In fact, the younger folks might not even know that back in the past, Nintendo was the king of gaming.

So it’s no surprise that this latest news would definitely cause the Super Mario’s creators to start an emergency meeting.


PlayStation 5 to be Released in “Holiday 2020”

The current PlayStation version, the PlayStation 4, was released in 2013. Usually, a new generation would be released every five to six years, and let’s just say that it’s about time.

Since PlayStation 4, the console hasn’t been just a gaming console: it’s macam a smart device that just happens to be able to play PS4 games. In fact, you can control the system with voice control, though it might not understand Singlish lah.

According to reports, Sony has confirmed the release of the console by “holiday 2020”; that’s a little ambiguous (and smart), given that the word “holiday” is so general, though it could possibly imply the Christmas holidays.

However, earlier this year, Sony did mention that the console would “ship no later than April 2020”, so I’m betting my boss’ car that they’re just looking at what Nintendo or Microsoft is doing.

The PS4 has an 8-core 1.6 GHz processor (yes, I know, more powerful than your laptop) while the PS5 is still using 8 cores as well since that’s a bit of an overkill. However, it will have 16 threads.

I know you don’t know what talking me, so here’s a one sentence summary: It’s more powerful lah.

Sony hasn’t announced any games yet, but everyone’s now talking about its controller.

Controllers with Adaptive Triggers

Sony just granted another interview and while they revealed more details about its hardware, like how it can support 100GB Blu-Ray discs and how it can go up to 8K resolution (no point lah our TV only 4K), the media went apeshit with its controller.

So, simi is adaptive triggers?

The controller, which doesn’t have a name yet, allows you to press the buttons with different levels of resistance to create a better experience. For example, if you’re shooting an arrow with a bow, you can hold softer for a “lighter” shot.

Think of it as the brake or the accelerator pedal in your car lah. How hard you press would determine the power, and how hard you press plays a big role in controlling the car.

The controller also has a speaker that’ll make the experience even more realistic. Together with the vibration, it’s the closest thing to 4D gameplay.

So far, the pricing hasn’t been revealed, but lest you didn’t realise, I’ve called it “PlayStation 5” throughout, because it’s confirmed to be called “PlayStation 5”.

I think Sony’s just afraid that we might call it PlayStation X or XS or Fold or whatever shitty names phone manufacturers have come out with.

In the meantime, if you’re reading this in 2049, you might be holding on to a PlayStation 5 Mini now and wondering why we were so fascinated with this “groundbreaking” console.

I know that feeling. I just bought a Sega Genesis Mini.


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